Monday, September 1, 2014

Berry the Koala UPDATED!

Hey Jammers! I'm back home with a more stable internet connection so I can finally post! Sadly, this will be a short one seeing as it's the last day before school starts up again. Bear with me! 

Firstly, the new item today is a rereleased, back-to-school themed, nonmember item!

FINALLY this is back! A few weeks ago I would be wiling to trade a whole lot for just one! Yikes! Thank goodness I didn't. Oh, and you can use the nonmember clothing idea, too! Just a black bandana and a default blue backpack.

Second of all, as promised I have typed up August's monthly installation of Berry the Koala and it's posted here!

In this segment of Rainy the Crocodile Prince's journey, he falls into a trap set by the lions, who so cleverly disguised themselves (somehow) as gecko guards! How does this go for the colorful crocodile prince? Go read!

Next up, some quick blog news. I said I was going to have a 60,000 view celebratory party on AJ during August, but right now it's going to be a little off from when I said it would be. I'm still figuring out the details, but it will happen at some point. At this rate, though, it may turn out to be a 70,000 view party because I'm not expecting to be able to get time until late September.

But I can definitely promise it will happen in September or October– no later!

Jam on, everyone!

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