Friday, September 19, 2014


Hey animals! This is going to be a looong post. Well, not too long– but longer than yesterday.

First order of business, the new item:

Hmmm... pretty. Although, shouldn't it be the September birthstone? Maybe a mistake.

Speaking of mistakes, AJHQ made a HUGE mistake and gave away almost all the details to a big new adventure they're working on. Here are some very rare, and very precious screenshots. Treat them like a pretty jewel. They are sourced from Animal Jam Spirit.

Fig. 1: pumpkin patch

Fig. 2: MAGIC!

Fig. 3: Phantoms! Spooky! *cough*not*cough*

Fig. 4: Difficulty

This looks to me like a Night of the Phantoms or Halloween-themed adventure! And judging by the "enable cheat" button which isn't found in any other adventure– it's about to get difficult. 

It's all a work in progress, yeah, but these baby screenshots are PRECIOUS. Precious, precious little babies. 

But maybe– maybe they're not. Maybe just like the otter glitch before otters came out, AJHQ is just giving us a predictable tease again. By now they probably know that there are 1 million+ viewed AJ blogs that JUMP at every future-telling glitch to further promote it. Maybe blogs are helping AJHQ along and they're agreeing with it.

It's smart, I'll give them that. But in all honesty AJHQ is getting more and more predictable each update. There's word of a new animal at least once every four updates. There's a new adventure in the same range. This is all, I know, because of AJ's success which is good. I'm convinced in a few years everyone will stop playing Clubpenguin and transfer their focus to AJ.

Sorry for mentioning Clubpenguin in a blog post.

But really– all of this money being used on new animals that cease being popular so quickly can be used on something to get universally excited about. That is, Alpha Sightings and a special once-a-year Nonmember Week.

Just so you know, Nonmember Week was something I came up with. It's like the Jamaalidays in a sort, but for one week Nonmembers can play Member Adventures, change colors of nonmember items, and send typed Jam a Grams. (If you like this idea, comment and I'll send an email to AJHQ.)

In conclusion– we know NOTHING is going to happen unless we say something about it. I keep talking about emailing AJHQ, but truth be told at the end of the day (I hate that phrase, don't get me wrong) I'm either too occupied or convinced that AJHQ already has a plan and my email would just be annoying them. I don't even know anymore.

Well, that's all for now. See y'all in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I fully agree with a nonmember week! I've been thinking about how nonmembers could get a certain something special, and you've finally put into words a good idea I've been hoping for. So, thanks! I also know someone on Google+ that made a gameplay of this leaked adventure. And yes, animals and items lose their worth quite quickly because of the constant updating of new items... maybe you could include that in your possible email.

    And I forgive you for mentioning Club Penguin XD
    Keep calm and Jam On! ~jhana

  2. I have always wanted a nonmember week or party or something.

  3. Want more precious pictures? Go to and there will be a post called TBA if you scroll down. Some juicy info about this adventure. XD

    Murp, the ring is lame in my opinion. AJHQ should really stop it with the rings. They look too small on an animal and they're just, erg.


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