Saturday, September 6, 2014

Late Update!

Hey animals! It's a bit late, but the update is finally here, along with the ever-awaited 4th anniversary of Animal Jam's beta release! There's a ton of news, and there's also some code problems– but unexpectedly, not with the Bday code itself. Scroll down and find out!

EDIT: This computer is acting very strangely right now. I cannot upload the screenshots I wanted to, so you'll just have to imagine what the new cake looks like: three layers that look like grass, flowers, sparklers, and a wolf and bunny figure on top. Probably the best cake out!

Next is a list of all the new things out this update. 

☆ Pet sugar gliders are up for adoption!

☆ New glittery gold armor is for sale in the diamond shop

☆ Pandas will be returning to Jamaa next update

☆ A new "Egyptian treasures" collection is being sold in Township stores.

☆ The beta party is leaving for the year soon.

☆ The Summer Carnival is also leaving soon. Get all your summer goodies today!

Also, I forgot to mention: there are two Egypt-themed nonmember items, papyrus scrolls and a golden scarab.

I have been having some troubles with the new AJ Insiders Guide. One I forgot to mention was the code doesn't work! It doesn't specifically state the code inside the book, but you have to count the amount of Liza's you can find and then spell out the number in the code box. I tried, didn't work. Strange. I hope they fix this soon!

Well, I was going to include a cool panda fact I just learned, but I think I better get this published. Yeesh, two days since the update and I'm posting about it! 

Jam on and have a pawsome day!


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  1. I actually dislike the new cake. It's really blocky and reminds me of Minecraft-style dirt. And, if you complete the cake all the way (SPOILERS), the phantoms on top eat the cake and then explode from obesity. That's a bit weird. But I guess that's what we're getting, so I'll just stick with it.And how or why is the Beta Party a seasonal thing? I don't see how it is.But I am really glad about how AJHQ is doing a better job at giving us nonmembers a chance to buy more new items (finally).
    Keep calm and Jam On! ~jhana


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