Friday, September 12, 2014


Hey animals! Sorry about neglecting to post yesterday. As a consolation, I'm gonna pack as much as I can into this one to make up for it! 

Like many other days before this one, the item of the day follows the Egyptian Theme. With this ongoing motif, you can always expect color, gold, and an unusually large array of nonmember items!

Maybe AJHQ is trying to make up for the new member-only chat limitations. Hm. I see you.

This is actually really pretty! I love these bright colored items. Best yet, it's nonmember! Again! 

Moving on, if you've been paying attention you'll have already found out about a new "Animal Jam's Greatest Hits" album coming out for iTunes.

wait what



There's Sir Gilbert with a mixmaster... Liza with an... Electric guitar? And why is Tavie in the middle, she only just got here... This whole cover is too confusing.
I know, I love Animal Jam as much as the next person... but why someone would buy this is beyond me. It costs money! To listen! To the soundtrack! You always do! For free! On AJ!

Unless they made some new songs. I'll pass on those, but for you people who want to buy or sample this album on iTunes, click here.

Stay tuned for a new Nonmember Clothing Idea post!


1 comment:

  1. MY REACTION TO NEW AJ ALBUM: *repeats the word what for like 10 times*

    Look I used to play the website Webkinz for a matter of years and was psyched when they sent out a "Webkinz Tunes" Album, BUT THIS!? Wow! I wonder what type of songs they will put on it. Background music? Parodies or something? Too bad I dont have Itunes :T
    But still, thats pretty neat. This website is getting so freaking popular! XD


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