Saturday, October 18, 2014

Buddy of the Month – October 2014!

Hey animals! Second post of the day. I'm going to start working on my goal of updating the BOTM and Berry the Koala during the month, and not the day after it ends. That means that Berry will be updated today, as well as the Buddy of the Month!

October's BOTM is a fairly new friend who I met around the end of September. They're really fun to talk to and are endlessly kind, the buddy of the month is..


I met Crunchy (sort of) through this blog. Their friend came to my den because it was unlocked, and because they knew about AJ Stream. Crunchy followed, and we became friends. I love it when I get Jam a Grams saying "I love your blog" and meeting new players through it! Crunchy has a massive plushie collection, which contains every single plushie ever– except for two. 

Thank you for being my friend, Crunchyfunnybear! :)

I'm going to now work on the new Berry the Koala post. When I'm finished, I will link it on here!

– Doomy

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