Monday, October 13, 2014

R.I.M. – Rare Cupid Wings!

Hey Jammers! Every Monday on Animal Jam, a very "rare" item is put on a random catalog page of a random shop. Most of the time it's just an oddly-colored non-rare item, but sometimes it can be something amazing!

This week's Rare Item Monday is sold in the last pages of Jam Mart Clothing.

Hmmm... Not spooky enough, given that it is Night of the Phantoms. But the coloring is nice, and I love the shine! If these were nonmember, I'd surely buy them.

In other news, AJHQ strikes again...

And here is the scene of the crime. You don't have to post about daily items! I'm serious, you don't! That's our job. Maybe use that little extra posting time to hint about a long-awaited Pandas Only Party to get everyone's hopes up. I swear, I've been waiting for TWO YEARS FOR A PANDAS ONLY PA–

Ok, I need to calm down.

Moving on.

If you've played AJ today, you probably already know the new filter system by heart:

The new and improved alternative to the pop up. Still just as sensitive, though.
Here are some (for some reason) appropriate words and phrases that will be filtered away:

yooooooo (or any amount of repeating letters more than five)

NO NO NO NO NO (or really any amount of repeating words more than four)

I love you (Seriously, why is this a problem? No one even says it anymore...)



and many more....

Here's how to avoid a few of them: for example, "blog." Type it in all capitals but replace the L with an uppercase I. If that doesn't work, put a Q at the end and hope with all your heart that someone understands you.

In the case of "I love you" use the text slang version "ILY" but you may have to explain what it means to some people.

Instead of "texts/text/texting" use the term "messaging" instead.

With "yoooooo" you can probably just use "yooo" or try to push the limits of the chat on your own. Tell me what works and what doesn't in the comments!

I'm really hoping AJ doesn't turn into Fantage with all these strict new rules. If that happens never go to the township AGAIN. 


For this last segment of the post, I want you to appreciate my really pretty AJ wolf:

Thank you so much, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– Doomy

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