Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spooky October Mysteries

Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday. My posting schedule altogether has been predictably wonky, so I'm going to make it my goal to post EVERY SINGLE DAY with LOTS AND LOTS OF INTERESTING NEWS! 

As always, the first order of business *giggle* is the new item:

The 3rd spooky item of the spookiest month ever. Remember to keep in mind which items are seasonally recurring, which means they come back every year and have close to no worth in trading!

A while back I introduced something new to AJ Stream called "Jamaa Street Fashion." It's where I take screenshots of random players with interestingly outfitted animals. You can see all of the Street Fashion posts by going into the tag under "popular tags" to the left of this blog.

Mostly I post nonmember ones because as a nonmember myself, I know it's difficult to design an animal with so little options. But if you want nonmember outfits specifically, go into the tag "Nonmember"

Anyway, as you all know, The Night of the Phantoms has begun in Jamaa. It's a celebration where phantoms come out of hiding in Jamaa to just kind of... hang around?

In adventures they're always charging after you making that weird buzzing sound, but here they're just floating still in the air. Kind of apprehensively, like they don't even want to be here.

Who forces them to participate in this Jamaasian holiday? The phantom king? It feels like the most likely possibility, but why would phantoms, the so-called evil of Jamaa care? Were they... bargained? But WHO would bargain with the phantoms for something as frivolous as a celebration?

Greely is the one who bargains with phantoms, but he'd probably be forced into this for some reason. By who?

Stay tuned for a walkthrough of the new adventure...

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