Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Scariest Adventure In Jamaa

Hey Jammers! This is my second post of the day. This is a walkthrough of the latest adventure, but this is no ordinary walkthrough...
It's a SCARY walkthrough.

It's a pets-only adventure, as you would understand, and this is me (Jellyninja) and my brother (Zippyberry). A mysterious animal gives you your mission: to collect as many candies as you can from the proto phantoms before time runs out! If you manage to fill at least one icon in the top left corner, you WILL get a cool prize!

I got both of these from filling in two icons! All of the prizes are new. In one game you can get more than one!

Here's a tip: a lot of the proto phantoms are concentrated in the pumpkin patch, but don't rely on one area for the candy. If you look to the area map widget, after a while it starts to look like a phantom. Each prong/tentacle on the phantom is it's own area with it's own music, and with it's own concentrations of proto phantoms. Here is each land:
  • The pumpkin patch. The pumpkin door with four animal slots is in the patch. Go there if you have four animals in your adventuring group!
  • The spooky swamp. In my opinion, it's the scariest land. If you go to the end of it there's a large lotus flower.
  • The scientist's lab. There are lasers, floating books, and strange hybrid-phantoms.
  • The candy-hanging forest. I call it this because candy is hanging from spider webs, but you can't really get to it.
  • The graveyard. Also one of the spookier places. At the end, there's a locked tomb that you can't get in. Still spooky.
  • The phantom's candy hoard. This is the most important to know. Its one of the smaller prongs on the phantom map and it's LOADED with candy. A few phantoms guard it though. 
There are many areas designated for one type of pet. The ones I remember are:
  • Sugar gliders only area
  • Bats only area
  • Tigers only area
Here are some screenshots of about each land:

Pumpkin patch

Spooky swamp


Candy-hanging forest

Mystery animal after the adventure is over.

Candy and gem hoard

Weird phantom thing inside the hoard

Weird glowing things inside the swamp

Giant lotus

One of many Mira gravestones with similar carvings.

The locked tomb.

The scientist's lab.

The books ARE floating

Have a safe and fun adventure!

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