Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ACTUAL Hat & Beard

Hey Jammers! Today's gift is thankfully, not a South Pole sign. It's a Jamaaliday Mailbox!

The new item is exactly the same as yesterday's R.I.M.– only the green patch is gone and you can actually CHANGE the colors.

Same as last year, same as the year before. Now I can get a pink one!

Recently, there was an AJ Academy post on the Daily Explorer about snowflakes that, well... Didn't really teach you much about snowflakes.

Click to enlarge the screenshot. Around the beginning it starts off with an overly-punctuated opening telling you that you're going to learn about how snowflakes are formed. What comes after isn't really how snowflakes are formed but a bunch of loosely connected trivia. 

Here's how snowflakes are really formed:

1. Some bacteria or dust goes up into the air and into a cloud. Some water molecules attach to it; the more humid the cloud, the more water molecules attached, and the bigger the flake.

2. A snowflake starts off with a sort of hexagonal shape. Branches are added in patterns depending on the conditions inside the cloud. Because no conditions of a cloud can be exactly the same for each flake, no two can be molecularly the same!

3. There are around 36 classified shapes of snowflake. Some can be very rare!

Happy Jamaalidays!

– Doomy

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  1. "Silly AJHQ, that isn't how a snowflake is made!"


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