Monday, December 1, 2014

Buddy of the Month – November!

Hey Jammers! I am aware that it is now December, and AJ Stream has gone without a Buddy of the Month for November. As I do on many months, this is just a day-late update on November's BOTM!

I present to you, the Buddy of the Month...

AJ user jhana! :D

Jhana is a very supportive friend, to say the least! She's kind, helpful, and really fun to talk to. She has a great den, full of plants and plushies and everything. It's busy but really neatly arranged! :)

Thank you for being my friend, jhana. :)


  1. Ermahgersh, thank you for honoring me with the November BOTM! Sorry I haven't been reading this blog a whole lot, I got distracted from my daily check on it X3 But it is fun to talk to you on AJ. Thank you for being my buddy, Doomy!


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