Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elf Shoes + Ideas

I hope you're liking the new layout. This won't be a background forever, just FYI– I have a ton of others saved to my computer that I'll switch around with as seasons pass.

Anyway, today's Jamaaliday gift is a pair of... elf shoes.

I don't have much to say with this item, other than... I don't know. A ton of these Jamaaliday gifts if not ALL of them have been very "unnatural" looking. But I guess no one but me is complaining.

The new items are sold in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. :)

Now before I wrap up this pathetically boring post, I wanted to share with you a few ideas I have for AJ:

1. Day and night as well as settings to turn it off. We have a clock item in Epic Wonders that whenever you view it, it spins and if you look closely you'll see it adjusts to your own time zone. Why not a day/night system that adheres to the time where you are? What about weather, too?

2. Items you can store other items in, such as a wooden chest or a box like thing. This could make more room in your inventory. It would be cute too, right?

3. Another series of den RP items: den shop related items. This could make having a clothing/den item "store" easier and more fun.

That's all for now, Happy Jamaalidays!

– Doomy

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  1. Your ideas for a better Animal Jam sound a lot like a Webkinz thing XD Such as day and night, as well as items to store others in. Just randomly thought of that.


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