Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nonmember Clothing Ideas – Winter 2014!

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. I was taking a ton of screenshots for nonmember clothing ideas and by the time I completely finished, it was dark outside. And yeah, I know that in the Northern Hemisphere it gets dark quicker in Winter, but I was online for 3 hours at LEAST-- way too much. O_o 

Anyway, before I get to the Nonmember Clothing ideas, I have to tell you todays gift, right?

 And on the sixth day of Jamaalidays, AJHQ gave to me:
something thats supposed to look like an anemone. 

I think I'm going to do a verse every day until the end of Jamaalidays. XD

It feels kind of weird using the XD emoticon. I don't think I ever use it outside of AJ related things, it just makes me feel like I fit in with all the other XD'ers in Jamaa Township. Yep.

I think before I get to the clothing ideas, I'll get through every bit of news first. Compared to a normal day, there's a lot.

One thing has become member's only, to all of our dismay-- yet one other item seems to be switching back and forth between availabilities. What this means is up for discussion, but one thing's for certain: now everyone can put up a string of leaves in their den.

I took the screenshot of the leaves yesterday, I got the diamond screenshot from another AJ blog. I have to do what I can to get the news to you, right?

The only good things about the diamonds being members only is that... maybe the items have gotten slightly rarer...? What do you think?

And now finally, 17 nonmember clothing ideas modeled on both pandas and seals! But don't scroll down just yet, here are a few tips to make your own outfits:

1. Start with one item and center your animal's appearance around that item. 

2. Use complementary colors, 2 or 3 maximum.

3. Jamaaliday Scarves and old blankets are a good combination. :)

Feel free to use any of these ideas with your own animal!

Before I go, here is a cute new decoration in the Jamaaliday Jam:

Hot chocolate with cookies, marshmallows, and penguin and snow man cups. It is way too cute... >_<

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– Doomypanda

1 comment:

  1. Those decorations are to die for <3
    I have a penguin mug in real life aha ^-^

    You should share those ideas to my buddy's non member blog!


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