Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nonmember Clothing Shop: Day 1

Hey Jammers! A while back I talked about wanting to make a clothing shop in my den that sells only nonmember colored clothing. Because nonmembers can't change the colors of clothing available to them, I thought that going into Jamaa and saying "Nonmember colored clothing store at my den, everything just one necklace!" would be nice.

Because it would be a bit of a hassle to run the store as well as advertise, my brother gave me permission to use his account as a sort of "assistant." Plus, I had too many items on my main account to fit in one trading list, so I sent them over to my brother's. A few people who came in offered to help, which was always nice. 

I used two browsers at once. I used Safari for DoomyPanda and Firefox for my brother, which is the notoriously slow browser on my computer. Still, it was pretty difficult. I had to keep the sound on at all times in case I heard a trade notification on the other browser, which probably annoyed everyone else in the room. Sometimes people would come in like it was a den item store and I'd have to explain to them why the wood floor was not up for sale AND at the same time keep repeating "Nonmember colored clothing for 1 necklace at my den!" in the other tab. Overall it was pretty hectic.

While I specifically stated that all of the clothing is NONMEMBER and UNRARE, members always came in. In fact, members made up a large chunk of the people who came. But it wasn't their presence that bothered me-- just their rudeness. 

Members would come in, give up a hundred necklaces for colored friendship bracelets or whatever, and make it so that actual nonmembers got less. This is what drove me to create a five item limit, but even then that wasn't enough. When I tried to tell them that they can just go and buy all these items for gems at Jam Mart Clothing, (I thought they just didn't know) they just whined and complained saying things like "Ooohh but it's not my fault that I'm a member.... i have feelings 2..."

Ok, first of all: You or your parents bought your own membership consensually. And if you didn't like it after a while, you could just cancel. 

Secondly, you have a clear advantage over nonmembers. You have way more abilities than them. The nonmembers who I'm trying to help can't just go over to Jam Mart Clothing and get the exact item they want. They need to trade for it, sometimes even overpaying for something so common as a colored hat that just came out today for something as rare as nerd glasses. By making this store, I'm trying to make that whole process fairer and easier.

I'm sorry for ranting just there, I just thought it would be necessary to add that there.

I'm going to continue running this shop, but to make things simpler I'll take the den part out of it. I think I'll sit in Jamaa with a trade list of nonmember colored items saying something like "All items on list available for just 1 necklace NONMEMBERS ONLY."

Wish me luck!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Well you are right to rant. THAT WAS SO RUDE! I mean like seriously like- ugh I can't even - WHY!

  2. Nice rant X3 Some members do actually get under my skin because of their stubbornness or ignorance. (not saying that is for every member but it is very common with them.) I do really like the idea of the nonmember clothing store! GOOD LUCK!
    ~Keep calm and Jam On! -jhana


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