Monday, December 22, 2014

Rare Hat & Beard

Hey Jammers! Even though it is Jamaalidays, Rare Item Mondays are still coming out every week! I wonder how much work that must be for AJHQ...

But first of course, the gift.

Oh wow, a way to the North Pole!

So yeah, I'm assuming that there will be a SOUTH pole as tomorrow's gift. But this item is pretty big... pretty nonmember... pretty sweet... Yep.

And the R.I.M.:

Its on the tenth page of the Jam Mart Clothing catalog. The only things that make it different from the others is the green tumor-like patch on the head as well as the fact that you can't change it's colors. So yeah.

Along with the R.I.M., there are a bunch of other cool new items!

A snowflake tiara so you can be the snow princess ruling aside your mother, the snow queen. All will bow.

And there are also two nonmember items; the Jamaaliday planter and the "winter" mailbox. Interesting.

If you've been to my den in the past week, you'll notice that it is completely empty. Like embarrassingly empty. I don't know why I haven't decorated yet; it just seems too frustrating. 

Also I'd like to remind everyone that even though when I'm offline you can send me buddy requests (for some glitchy, buggy reason) I'm really not accepting any right now. Sorry. :I

Happy Jamaalidays!

– Doomy

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  1. I like the new layout. Foxes, foxes everywhere (which is super pawesome)


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