Sunday, December 14, 2014

Striped Socks + No more News Crew Assignments?

Hey Jammers! Today's Jamaaliday gift is a pretty pair of striped socks~ 

♫ And on the 14th day of Jamaalidays, AJHQ gave to us...
a cool pair of cute and stripy socks. 

You know I'm desperate when I rhyme "us" with "socks"

The color I got was red. Because it kind of paired with the candy cane tie, I thought that there was only one color so I didn't think to do the refresh trick that I talked about in an earlier post. The socks actually come in a bunch of colors, including peach, pink, and turquoise!

I hope someone in the Township will be willing to trade. :I

My panda's Jamaaliday outfit was previously red-centric, but I've been wanting to mix it up a bit. Maybe pink? That would be cute.

And now, the new items:

Both are sold in their respective Township shops, both nonmember! What a day, two nonmember items at once.

Now today I want to talk about the News Crew. With my membership, I can walk around with the camera badge on my name tag. A lot of people Jam a Gram me saying "OMG AJHQ" or "OH WOW YOU'RE IN THE NEWS CREW" or just simply, "NEWS CREW!!!!!!"

Sometimes they ask how to get my badge, and I've always responded with "Win a News Crew assignment." But I've been looking at the Daily Explorer every day and I can't seem to find any articles labelled "News Crew." Where did they go?

Here's the answer: Diamond Challenges.

There are a couple types of currency in our world today: fiat money and commodity money. US dollars and other banknotes or "paper moneys" are considered fiat because they have no inherent value. Paper and cotton are common and there's no direct survival-based need for them; the only reason why banknotes are currency are because the government decrees them so.

Commodity money is like gold or food. Gold can be used as a currency because of it's rarity, and food can be used as well because it's a basic survival need.

Diamonds in this case are fiat money. Same with gems, but diamonds are pushing the limit and I'm going to tell you why. 

FUN FACT: Even in real life diamonds are pretty much worthless. You can make a diamond out of peanut butter. Despite the fact that they're really common, the diamond industry is massive and cruel-- taking children away from their families to work in mines. In other words, don't support that industry by buying diamond rings.

First of all, unlike other virtual currencies (such as eCoins and gold on Fantage), diamonds can't be exchanged for gems and gems can't be exchanged for diamonds. The only way to get diamonds is to

A. Buy them with REAL money


B. Be a member (which is still technically buying them for real money)


C. Go up against hundreds and win a diamond challenge

In real life, you can exchange coins for banknotes, regional currencies for other regional currencies and vise versa. It just seems really weird that diamonds are just so exclusive!

But diamonds aren't really THAT rare in Jamaa and we all know it. A diamond can be achieved so easily and quickly (if you're a member with some IRL money) but the rare items that are being sold in the Diamond Shop used to take so much time to find, to bargain for-- Now I'm not trying to say that rares are special in any way, but it doesn't feel very fair that they're just FOR SALE for an exclusive currency.

The very definition of RARE on AJ is that it's not in stores, or hasn't been in stores for a long time.

I don't know... am I making too much of a big deal out of this?


  1. Yeah.. One day in class, I learned that US dollars actually have no value because they're basically paper, and they only have value because they're equal to the gold found in the US Treasury at Fort Knox.

    Probably messed some words up. Eh, that 'a all I can remember.

  2. I think you're perfectly right, Doomy! That diamond argument is really good, actually... It makes more sense than my useless ranting. You should really email this to AJHQ, because I honestly hate the diamond shop.
    Keep calm and jam on! ~ jhana

  3. I got light red candy cane socks, I won a fasion show finale when the theme was Cristmas!


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