Thursday, February 5, 2015

Big Update + WildWorks!?

Hey Jammers! Here I am as promised with as much info about today's Animal Jam update as I could wring from the pages of the Jamaa Journal, as well as the shops. 

So right now I'm gonna jump right in with each page of the Journal! 

 Owls are finally in Jamaa and available for anyone!

...Anyone with 10 diamonds and a membership, of course. AJHQ still hasn't broken their vicious cycle that the Diamond Shop has spurred. Honestly, everyone would be much better off without it...

But either way, I kind of like the owls! They're about as big as an AJ bunny, and just as cute. Sadly, I can't get an owl because I'm nonmember, but if you're curious about their actions (play, dance, sit, sleep) you can just go to the Township. It's pretty much drowning in dancing owls.

 Next up, we have the winner of the den item set contest: the Pizza Parlor set!

I'm sad that the Art Studio set didn't win, but at least pizza has been introduced to Jamaa!


But it seems to me (and probably many others) that the people who design or draw the items are different than they used to be, say, back in 2011– or at least the style has changed? It's typical of course, but the way the items look now seems very "unnatural." I don't know, I came to AJ because it had a serene-ish natural style that every other online game seemed to lack. 

I sound really complain-y right now, but don't you admit that the way the Pizza Parlor stuff looks... doesn't fit? I just can't help but be nostalgic.

 Go check out the new (and really pretty) animated mini book in the Chamber of Knowledge as well as the new exhibit in the Conservation Museum!

 Check around for banners with some very helpful tips such as this one:

I'm not too sure what Wild Explorers is about, but it looks, er... weird.

Moving on, here we have the new items:

The top ones are sold in the Jam Marts, while the bottom two are both in the Diamond Shop.

A couple days ago, while I was looking around the main AnimalJam blogs and websites for graphics, I found something on the "About" page:

(Click the image to zoom in)

So I looked at this and wondered why SBI wasn't credited and who in the world WildWorks is. So I did some research and found...

SBI changed their name to WildWorks!

Maybe they changed their name and logo because they'd put more into AJ. SBI did a bunch of other things aside from AJ, so maybe this could mean they're putting a ton into AJ now to keep it the great game that it is? It's a really nice thought. 

Well I have to go now,
so see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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