Sunday, February 15, 2015

Buddy of the Month – February 2015!

Hey Jammers! Today since there's not much news at all, I think that makes a great excuse to post the Buddy of the Month today, hmm?

So without any derailment, here I present to you the BOTM for February, 2015!


Ladybug is a recently added friend of mine, actually! She and I led the Gummy Bear flashmob recently. She was a pineapple gummy bear and a cherry gummy bear, if I'm remembering correctly. Ladybug is really kind and super accepting. ^_^

Thanks for being my friend, Ladybug4173! :D

I'm sorry for the boring post today, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Hey Doomy! I love your blog! (This is Elephantie, by the way!) I'm so happy you still do it, it's beautiful! I gave up on mine, but I'm glad that you didn't. It's well put together and you cropped pictures really well. I used MS paint on mine. (I was nine at the time xD) I just wanna congratulate you!


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