Monday, February 23, 2015

R.I.M. + Random Stuff

Hey animals! (I'm gonna start saying that now because even though it's annoying it's still not as irritating as "Jammers") I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. 

Or the day before that. 

Or that one Tuesday. 

I don't really have an excuse other than laziness, to be honest. I was having February break so while I promised myself that I would play AJ a lot and blog a lot with my newfound freedom, the "play AJ" part was the only one that actually happened. Even though by now you probably don't trust a single word I type, I promise that at the very least this week will have no lazing around or skipping days. ^_^; 

But enough of that, here's the Rare Item Monday! :D

Terribly ugly as on most Mondays. If you somehow feel that you need to buy it, it's on the eighth page of the Jam Mart Clothing catalog. This one is sure to be popular.

So I've gone over the R.I.M., now onto the "Random Stuff" portion of this sad, sad little post. Most of the screenshots were taken yesterday, FYI.

Here we have another nonmember arctic wolf spotted in the server Balkan, Jamaa Township. There are different methods of becoming one once your membership expires, but each one of them is always fixed shortly after it's talked about. So if ya wanna become a nonmember arctic wolf, just look up the most recent tutorials. But I warn you, they're kind of complex!

My friend taught me this so-called "bunny code" in the adventure Return of the Phantoms (hard mode). The bunny code is a specific order in which you have to release each bunny to get rares. She told me that in order to get rares, the order in which you have to unlock the rabbits is this: Snowball, Jack, Daisy, Oliver. Now I can't really prove this completely wrong because we both did it and got rares. But according to the AJ Wiki page on Return of the Phantoms, the only way to get a chance at winning a rare is to choose the top left or the bottom right treasure chest. 

Now I read wiki pages on each adventure and have them open in another tab while I play, so when it comes time to collect the prize, I can choose the one I actually want. Before the adventure ended, I told her to pick either the top left or the bottom right chest, so she did, and got scary bat wings. The bunny code could have worked, but keep in mind that if we both chose the center chest we would have just gotten gems, no rares!

The bunny code may somehow boost your chance of getting a rare, but until I do the adventure and get more info, it's probably not gonna work.

That's all for now, Jammers! Animals!
See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I'm pretty sure the Bunny Code is just a myth, but it was pretty popular when the Beta Adventure Testing stopped and the adventure was released to nonmembers. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of which chest you click; which will give you gems and which give out items. The items are randomly generated, as far as I'm concerned.

    I don't like doing the bunny code a lot because then I feel bad for Oliver always going last. He's my favorite bunny.

  2. just so u know if u want to get good items in the phantom portal hard mode u have to open the third (top right) chest. (i got a pirate sword and freedom helmet from it!)


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