Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Nonmember Clothing/Color Ideas

Hey Jammers! The winning background from the poll I had has been chosen and is now up. :)

This won't be the background I use forever, of course. Personally I would have liked the background with the stream better (because this is animal jam stream durrr!!) minus the alphas and the overall messiness of it, the two things holding me back. 

I thought the previous background was much brighter so I'm assuming you'll probably get tired of it quick enough for me to find one that I really like by then. 

So without further ranting, here is the new item of today!

Sold in Jam Mart Furniture and as usual, members only.

In other news, (is it even news?) I have a few nonmember clothing ideas for you today! You've probably noticed that I wrote "Nonmember Clothing/Color Ideas" and were confused, so allow me to explain: I'm a nonmember myself and can't change item colors or have many items myself. I only have a few minor rares, too. 

So using what little I have, I have a more color-pallette focused theme today. Feel free to use any of them. :)

Be warned that I like to give them stupid names though.

"Halloween any time I want"

"Beta Testing"


"Land v.2"


"Choco Fairy"


"Alien Glow"

Which one did you like most? Which one did you HATE most? I wanna know, tell me in the comments!

– DoomyPanda

1 comment:

  1. "Halloween Anytime I Want" and the "Alien Glow" ones are pretty awesome. Sometimes I take screenshots of cool costumes that Jammers have, how would I be able to give them to you?


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