Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Springtime" In Jamaa

Hey animals! I had thought that last Thursday was the update (which it probably was) so I was a little confused when I logged on to meet a Jamaa Journal cover.

But even before then, the home page has changed!

Thanks AJHQ! I was really getting tired of the winter themed one. But I do miss the older home pages. The changing ones, I mean, like the one with the dolphin in Crystal Reef! Nowadays it's all about the Alphas. :\

Today was sort of like a half-update, with the only news being on the cover page of last update's Jamaa Journal.

But maybe today is something special, because this journal cover LIED to us!

"It's SPRINGTIME in Jamaa"

Yes, springtime in Jamaa. So I went to the Township to look at all of the greenery and...


Well I know that Spring doesn't start with INSTANT FLOWERS but I was sort of disappointed that now we all have to deal with snow for a couple more weeks ON and OFF of AJ. -_-

But at least there's one light shining in the midst of this storm: The Lucky Party!

 The Lucky Party is just the same as last year, but of course they did add some extra decorations and stuff. 

A couple new items along with the classics are being sold now. :)
The Lucky Party interior is even better than before! It's super colorful, even with a few (probably) soon-to-be-released items on display! Overall, just a very cute setting!

We still have the same music in the same music shop, as always.

And don't forget to have fun in the clover circle!

Animal Jam isn't all rares and trading, so bring your friends over to the Lucky Party if you're tired of the boring snow! :D

See you there!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and it is pretty amazing so far! I hope to see more posts from you :)


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