Thursday, March 19, 2015

Full-room Game + Lions!

Hey Jammers! Today is a great update that I did not want you to miss. We have lions back of course, as well as a new Conservation Museum exhibit, new trading features, and AJ's first ever full-room game: Best Guess!

So let's get to the Journal:

Go become a lion today, for the small (large) price of ten diamonds and a membership! Not trying to be bitter, I just don't really like diamonds!

 Some helpful trading tips to hopefully dumb down all the scamming. Thanks, AJHQ! For real this time!

This is a group game accessible under the party tab. Like any party, you have to wait until its time. 

This game is all about True or False questions, like Temple of Trivia except simpler. You move to the phantom X to answer NO and you move to the grass ✓ to answer YES. Questions appear at the top. :)

Check out the new amazing lion mini book in the Chamber of Knowledge! There's also a new layout. Different mini book sections for land animals, aquatic animals, and sky animals:

But don't forget about the lions!:

I think a lot of people on AJ are kind of under appreciative of the art that is in AJ. Just look at everything!! Like come on, haha.

And if you're a member with diamonds, go buy the Lucky Armor set in the Diamond Shop! And speaking of the Diamond Shop...

 Did you know you can buy Seasonal Adventure music in the Diamond Shop? You probably already knew that, but thats just in case you didn't.

Part 2 of under appreciated things on AJ: I've always loved the conservation museum. I think it's the colorful tiles on the ground or something, its one of my favorite rooms.

Learn about different types of animals native to the massive continent of Africa! Plus an animated short lion video. :)

And before I go, I just want y'all to know that there was a wacky bug with AJ's system and the "Pi Day Weekend ONLY" items are for sale right now.

I just looked at this screenshot again and I'm wondering how I got that many gems. Then I remember how I never buy anything and play Spot On 24/7. Yep.

See you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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