Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucky Clovers, Pi Day + More!

Hey Jammers! Today is update day and we have a new Jamaa Journal full of new stuff including a new den item set, a new seasonal adventure, and a new upcoming celebration! So here it is, the Jamaa Journal~

In this new adventure you explore clover patches to look for keys and chests with your buddies. I'll make a separate post all about the new adventure tonight or tomorrow, 'kay?

 I'm guessing that the art studio item set came second to the Pizza Parlor in the big den vote. So go over to Jam Mart Furniture to check out the (growing) art studio collection!

...If you're a member, of course.

There are a couple of nonmember items and more are definitely to come, but this is a pretty unfair ratio of members only to nonmember items, am I right? Compared to other item sets, at least. Also, am I the only one who thinks that the art studio item set would be more exciting if they had more of a dusty earth tone, just like in the actual Art Studio?

 Like I have been wishing forever for that crayon box to become an actual item. Same with the paint jars! And last time I checked in Meet Cosmo one of the koalas had that exact crayon box as an item in their den. That was the only time I was jealous of an NPC but it still haunts me to this day. >_<

But wouldn't you agree? I know a ton of y'all are nostalgic about the dusty earthy look of beta AJ, so wouldn't it be great to bring that back a little? Maybe if you all typed up a suggestion in the purple question bubble in Jam Mart Clothing we could start a mini Jamaasian Movement type thing...? Maybe? AJHQ really does read those suggestion bubble things, you know, so it has a good chance of working! 

But until then, we still have the rest of the Journal to get through:

 Snow leopards are officially endangered, and I suspect for a long time. No reason, actually. 
Two weeks from now will be Animal Jam's first annual Pi Day mini celebration! You can probably expect some new pie/pi items and maybe a new code! Speaking of codes, I need to update the Codes page soon...

 I feel bad for people in other countries who can't get these, but it doesn't feel like the majority of AJ players care.

Good news, LIONS will soon be returning to Jamaa! If anyone even remembered them leaving! Also, if you look closely you'll see that "will" is spelled with only one L. Look closely and shun the writer for their incredibly minor spelling error. Shunnnn... >:C

The leaves have returned to the Jamaa trees in a single update and clovers decorate the ground in vibrant greenery. Yep. I wish the same could be for real life. 

This Spring I'm looking to start a few mini projects and goals. These projects/goals include:

1. Changing the tabs to image icons (for aesthetics)
2. Make a few AJ videos, because you seemed to want that.
3. Make those videos pretty, with animations and stuff neater than Screen-Cast-O-Matic.
4. Find a background for AJ Stream that I LOVE for once. (Hint: if ya know any pretty AJ backgrounds with streams in them with a preferably green/blue color scheme, tell me!!!)

I guess that's all for now, so...

Look forward to a walkthrough/tip post about Lucky Clovers soon!

– DoomyPanda


  1. That crayon box would be soooooooooooo cool! :)
    And I see two L's in "will".
    -Duchess Spiritstar

  2. amazing amzing, btw dont u think that soon EVERYTHING will be members only??
    -awesome clevercat


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