Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucky Clovers w/ Strategies!

Hey Jammers. I've been playing Lucky Clovers for like two hours now and finally, I have completed the quest. I have a big headache from staring at a screen in the dark for so long, but that is the price I have to pay for bringing you such good (at least I think it's good) info. But lemme tell you, I am going to have the image of my computer screen seared onto my retinas for hours.

So when you get into Lucky Clovers, you arrive in the center of the map that looks like this:

Your mission is to go around looking for clover-shaped keys hidden in clover patches and use those to unlock treasure chests scattered equally around the area. From those treasure chests you usually get different amounts of gems, but you can also find a chest that gives you a den item prize! By the amount of prizes I got, I'm assuming that the number of den prizes you get per full adventure is 10.

In the center of the map is the "Epic Treasure Chest," which gets you rares! One rare for the nonmembers, two rares for the members. The rumors are true that you can get spiked items and other high-demand items, but usually you'll get a minor rare like a past R.I.M.

And unlike other seasonal adventures, whether a prize is members only or not isn't determined from which chests (nonmembers or members only) you pick.

On the subject of prizes, I might as well show you the loot that I collected along my journey:

This includes the hat that I got from the Epic Treasure Chest. I like the Lucky Shoji Screen best. :D

I don't feel like playing again and wasting two hours to show you other prizes, but the scenery used around the forest of the adventure will give you hints. :)

Now lets get into the strategy part of this walkthrough:

The map is divided into four clover leaves, so to complete the map in minimal time you should thoroughly scan through each leaf using the method pictured above. Just like Special Delivery, it'll seem easy at first because there will be so many keys and so many chests, but don't be tempted to just wing everything and float around here and there without being systematic. If you do that you'll end up with a headache from staring at the computer for so long, like me. 

If you're confused about the diagram, the magenta/red lines are the paths you take.

TIP: If you're nearing the end of the adventure and everything seems more spread out, take screenshots to find your way. Say you have a clover key already and you find another on your way to finding a chest, you should take a screenshot including the key and the key's surroundings as well as it's location on the map. (The dot where you are.)

This will prevent you from having to go through it all again when you have five more to go. If you're thorough the first time, you won't miss anything and will get things done faster.

There are also the four-Jammer dance clovers. There are multiple throughout the clover map and the prizes for each of them are four gem bags and one clover key, so it's important that you fill out the whole map and unlock all of them.

TIP: If you're having trouble getting people to come help you, instead of yelling "DANCE WE NEED 3 MORE !!!11!" or something like that, say something like this:

This probably won't "fool" people who've played this adventure multiple times, but the newer Jammers who are frustrated with finding their last keys will picture a big pile of clover keys where you are. Act like this is something that will help them a whole lot and only talk about the benefits for THEM. They'll rush to you quickly ("because the panda says I gotta come fast!") and will help you. For me this has worked like a charm. >:)

While this adventure is like the others in a lot of ways, it's very unique in the sense of design and detail. The first thing you'll notice when you get into the adventure room is the music which is like a more complex version of Happy go Lucky, to be basic. But if you look a little closer, there are a ton of interesting little things. Example A, sound effects:

There are so many sounds as well as a big, fat frog. I like that frog.

Not to mention, the scenery itself is very pretty and mystical! There are swirly rock formations all around as well as ruins of small castles. It's so wonderful, it's almost bearable to have to spend an hour on it. :'D

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and find the tips helpful. I'm going to walk away from the computer now and try to make my eyes less in pain.

See you in Jamaa, animals!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Oh, thanks! I just entered the adventure earlier this morning in my place, but exited it without completing it because I had to do something else. I'm sure that your walkthrough will help me to complete it faster if I get the chance to do it again next time, thanks!

  2. A lot of great info, thanks! I've played this game probably about 5 times so far and I cannot find the nonmember clover window! I have the Celtic one but not the clover (with the rainbow). Does anyone know which chest it's in??

  3. omg thx u but i cant find anymore chests! can u tell meh y?!?!?!??!?!?\

  4. Once I saw this I would go and use your strategy, but instead of going in lines, I would do anything to complete the leaf on my minimap. It helped anyway, thanks! C(o.o)D-- Imbluedadebeda (AKA Clover)

  5. I got a rare long spiked wrist that was BLACK from here. No kidding, I'm serious.

  6. I loaf that frog! Lol it's 1 BIG frog! lol


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