Monday, March 16, 2015

"Rare" Item Monday

Hey Jammers!!!!1! Today is Monday, so you know what that means??? It means that every week a rare it–



So it's one of those days, huh. This is basically just the same regular Leprechaun Hat except with a slight change in the color of the hat's band to a subtle puke green, which is apparently worth 450 gems more. Alright, AJHQ. Alright. Whatever you say.

And what (I think) is hilarious is that AJHQ placed the R.I.M. directly underneath the non rare version, just so the people that buy it know exactly how much rarer it is than the hat above. 

In other news that you probably care about more (if not slightly), I have a few recently taken screenshots that may interest you.

This first one is a cutesy nonmember den arrangement at a trading party:

I'm gonna tag this post under "Nonmember" just because of this picture. Gotta stay organized.

The next one is a little thingy I found at the land animal Adventure Base Camp:

This is at the bottom of the plateau-like thing the Base Camp is situated on, right next to the portal to the Underwater Base Camp. I hadn't ever noticed it until now and when I first did I thought it was going to be a weird underground cave/burrow base camp. It's probably just a place that a new adventure portal is going to be, but still that's cool! New things are usually good. :)

The final one is a new sing along type of Sarepia Theaters video that no one really noticed:

It's at the back of the video case right next to Geckos! as if it's been here the whole time. Yep.

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I don't like that Kangaroo video because it's a parody of a song my brother listens to waaaay too much, plus it's annoying as heck. :T


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