Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Pretty Flower Pattern!

Hey Jammers! I've tried to clear some stuff up enough to post, and by "stuff" I mean my almost unstoppable laziness. It always has and always will bring me great joy to post, but sometimes I, uh... have trouble getting up? I hope you understand.

But that mess is (hopefully) over now, so I'm back to posting every day! (with exceptions)

So today is a particularly lazy day on Animal Jam, as most non-update days are. So I'm gonna throw in some non-AJ-related stuff that I've been doing, so you can know I've been wasting my time on other than bloggin'.

But first comes the info. I actually have something good today, by the way!

Here we have today's daily item: The Knight Helmet, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. There have also been some items I've missed over the past few days, but they weren't anything special so I'll leave them be, for now. :)

And now we have the something interesting! It's a glitch, actually, but it's the special type of glitch that everyone loves: the type that tells the future!

Important note: This information is not mine, the screenshot is not mine. This glitch does not work anymore, so this screenshot is sourced to the Animal Jam blog, Animal Jam Flash. Click that link to go to the original post! :D

A few days ago, it used to be that if you tried to make a tiger, a white rabbit with a pastel flower pattern would appear instead. Things would get buggy after that and you wouldn't be able to make a tiger, so it's no wonder why AJHQ removed it.

It's widely hypothesized that this will be something released in April as some sort of "Limited Edition" seasonal thing, like pet reindeer or monthly gifts used to be. March showers bring April flowers...?

OR this will be released in MAY and some rainy pattern will be released in April, so *gasp* April showers will bring May flowers. :D

You know, at this point I'm starting to think that glitches like these are intentionally implemented, just to get us excited. It's a great method and it's also great that AJHQ isn't so in a bubble that they don't recognize that most info about AJ spreads like wildfire through user-run blogs. It's a great opportunity to get people excited! I know I'm already pumped for these, even if they're only for bunnies!

So again, screenshot credit to Animal Jam Flash. :3

So anyway, in other news: Graham's Imagination Fair is still going on, so be sure to enter! I'm still hoping I'll get time to enter a drawing or two. :)

And now, here's what I've been doing for the past few days that I've been neglecting this blog:

So as you probably don't know already, the only thing I like doing on Minecraft is building towns/villages/cities. I like planning them out in detail in the margins of my schoolwork and then coming home and building. 

So far with this one, I've built the sacrificial structure (which will probably go unused), the food shop, and an armory, which I'm not showing because it's so ugly.

It still needs a lot of work. I'm going to build a school, a library, some homes, and a few more shops. I'll probably also make a hot spring by the stream against that one mountain that you can't see.

What should I call this town in progress?

There's an app I'm kind of obsessed with called CocoPPa. It's one of those apps that let's you redesign your app icons on your phone with ones that other users have made. My account is called "Doomy" and I post cutesy hand drawn icons. I need a better program to make them in because trying to make them transparent in photoshop leaves a pixel-y edge, but other than that I think they're okay.

If you get the app, follow me and you can request me to draw icons that you want. :)

So that's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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