Monday, April 20, 2015

R.I.M. + Weird Things

Hey Jammers! I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. Laziness got the better of me once again so again, I'm super sorry. I hope the fact that I've updated and are still updating my blog's pages is a good enough consolation.

Yep, so far I've got the Glitches page and the Other Blogs page all nice and updated! With the Glitches page, I've changed up the layout ever so slightly and added a few thingies. With the Other Blogs page, I've looked through each and every blog listed and taken out all blogs that haven't been active recently. You won't believe how little there is left now! :O

Now I've got the Codes page, the BOTM page, and the Ask Doomy page to worry about. But don't worry yourself! I won't change up anything other than the layout to make it fit with the rest of the blog better. With the Codes page I'll update it with new codes and stuff though. :D

So now onto the news-ish part of today's post. It's Monday– but Spring Break for me!!! Yay!!! Time for a big luxurious week of doing absolutely NOTHING. B)

But it's also Rare Item Monday, so there's always stuff like that to post:

Severely ugly, as usual. (:

Buy these in Jam Mart Clothing as a great addition to your Ronald McNofashionsense costume ((: have a great day

In other news, while playing Best Guess (I keep getting Best Guess confused with Best Dressed) all of your actions are reversed! If you're interested in what an AJ panda looks reversed, scroll down to view the screenshots:

I should have tested it out with sitting. :\

Recently, I've managed to capture an image of a beautiful thing that has happened to me, out of the blue:

Just FYI, I'm a nonmember and before this I had seven diamonds. So, if the llama turns out to be nonmember for once, I'll have just enough to buy it! Wow! But really theres nothing nonmember in the Diamond Shop so whats there to spend it on anyway

Also, in last Thursday's post, I mentioned something about how I thought the Play Wild party was canceled quietly. Well I logged on this morning to a pleasant surprise in the party tab!!!

:') happy tears

Well there's not much else today, so see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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