Friday, April 24, 2015

Smart Fox Support?

Hey Jammers! If you're new to AJ Stream you're probably wondering why I haven't been posting for the last couple days. If you're already a follower, then you know that I have chronic laziness when it comes to doing anything at all, including writing for this blog. I really do love updating! Although I think it's the "getting there" that I have issues with. ^^;

So before I allow myself to go into a big repetitive rant, here's the new item:

You know it's kind of confusing because people would describe this as having a "peach color" when in reality, peaches are bright yellow and orange/red. IDK, just something to point out.

In other much more interesting news, word of a strange user with a strange animal name has been spreading around many AJ blogs. Pictured below:

Smartfox is actually the name of the server host that Animal Jam uses. This is their website:

The screenshot of SmartFox's monkey named Smart Fox Support was taken just yesterday, but here is a screenshot taken just a few minutes ago:

Their red monkey is completely gone. Now they've gotten a wolf within 24 hours and named it "Expert Smartyfox" maybe to avert attention away?

So now we know that they could have been active as recently as last night and quickly changed their animal. But why does the user SmartFox exist? We know that they're different from a regular player because of the name "Smart Fox Support" but what are they exactly? An AJHQ member? A test account? 

Or... a hacker?

Most of you probably know about the "famous" lolkingcentury1 name hack from around 2011. (I don't recommend you look it up, so here's what happened: this user hacked their animal name to make it display offensive swears instead of their animal name.)

Although this case is KIND OF similar, I do not think that they're a hacker

Think about it: if you knew how to hack in any animal name you wanted, you'd probably go with something a little weirder or uh, more unique than just "Smart Fox Support"

Smart Fox Support sounds kind of official, and this most likely has something to do with the SmartFox server host, so I'd say that AJ user SmartFox is connected to AJ professionally instead of just some annoying hacker with too much time on their hands.

But the question is: why would AJ need a user connected to their server host? Is it some sort of tester?

Give your thoughts in the comments, I'm really interested in hearing them. :)

Have a great day,

– DoomyPanda


  1. at first i thought the pearl bracelet was in bahari bargains XD it really looks like it should be sold there lol

  2. i think smartfox is an employee for smart fox servers and was testing something

  3. Ok i dont know why fman exists im not talking randomly but like he's a REAL hacker i thought he made that name.

  4. i think its test account


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