Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Festival w/ Strategies!

✿ Hey Jammers! 

Yesterday I played through the full seasonal adventure, Spring Festival. Through the time that I played it, I collected screenshots and learned a few tips and strategies that helped me along.

Sooo... let's jump right in!

All the characters in the adventure are cinnamon colored rabbits whose names always have something to do with candy.

Here's the the full map:

You can click this image to make it bigger. It's in the shape of a smiling flower, which I like a lot! It's not only cute, but it allows you to be more organized with egg hunting. Start off with the center part of the flower then go to each petal one at a time, like this:

If you want to get this search done as easy as possible, it's very important that you do this. In addition, here are some general tips:

 Again, search each petal one at a time. You'll be mulling over the map a thousand times over to find that last egg if you just go wherever.

 Go over each petal thoroughly. Leave no egg standing!

Use the mapIt would also be helpful if you occasionally magnified it, too, just to see exactly what details you missed.

Always keep a pitcher of water with you just in case you come upon a plant in need of it. Those plants contain golden eggs, and within those golden eggs are prizes!

When you're calling for people to dance at the lotus or the daisies, say stuff like "GOLDEN EGG WITH PRIZE OVER HERE, THREE OPENINGS LEFT!!!" instead of "plz plz dance over here!!" Act like the golden egg is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME treasureexaggerate.

So now, here are some screenshots:

Note: You can get water from wells around the small dens as well as from the rivers.

Bring a watering can over to these plants to grow a daisy! At the center of that daisy is a golden egg with a den item prize inside. :)

And now, I've brought all of my prizes into my den for you to see:

You see that cluster of colorful eggs in the center? That's the big prize (for me) at the end. The rest I got from the golden eggs. 

Another thing: you get a golden egg/treasure every time you finish a section of eggs, as well as in the four player dance things and in watered daisies. :)

If you have any more questions, let me know in the comments. ^_^

Happy searching!

– DoomyPanda 

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