Thursday, April 2, 2015

Springtime Festival Update!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the late post, again. I thought it wouldn't take me that long to finish the Springtime Egg Hunt... I was wrong. I was so, terribly wrong.

But it's finally springtime in Jamaa! Flowers are blooming and everything is beautiful, just look~!

I'm also starting to see flowers IRL, too. Crocuses and sprouts everywhere– I just can't wait for the tree leaves to be lush and green again. :)

So let's get this update started with the Jamaa Journal:

I had heard that the text from this update's Journal was leaked through a glitch last week. Either AJHQ is having some real struggles with glitches, or just likes getting us all excited– a lot of people had this info before the update. AJHQ has such a strong reign on chats and chat logs, but glitches? Maybe later...

But I really do wonder why AJ is acting so glitchy now. It didn't used to be this way! I wonder what the problem/s is.

So onto the actual content of the front page: come to the Spring Festival seasonal adventure and collect some eggs! I have played the game all the way through 1 and a half times (started, got to 65, computer froze, restarted) and I have many screenshots and strategies prepared for tomorrow's post. :)

The new adventure is great, as predicted, but I do miss the egg hunt in Jamaa that used to happen during previous years. Ah well– maybe further into April that'll happen?

Either it's me or some new artists, but I feel like Animal Jam is slowly losing it's "natural" style and trying to get more colorful. Maybe I'll write AJHQ– because despite all of the games flaws, one of the even MORE great things is that AJHQ actually listens to the players. :)

So den item set contests don't determine what stays and what goes– every option will be released eventually. Nice!

Polar bears are leaving as soon as they got here. Go get one today! If you buy one once, you'll be able to buy one anytime, even if they are traveling.

And finally, a last page mystery! This could mean a multitude of things, all of them exciting: gecko pets, gecko animals, gecko parties, gecko adventures, geCKO INVASION—

...But I'm sure we can all agree that that image right there depicts a gecko. And if it's gecko themed on AJ, it's probably gonna be cool. :)

And now, the new items:

Here we have the next collectible flower sold up in Treetop Gardens. Time to go add this to my storage account's garden...

Of course we also have these Deep Space items, and of course only one is nonmember:

The three items here are the wacky item, the zany item, and the silly item. But sadly I'm not a member, so unlike last time I can't show you what they are or what they do.

Try to persuade a member friend to show you them! :)

✿ ✿ 

It's nighttime right now where I am, so goodnight everyone~

Tomorrow, look forward to a big juicy post about the new seasonal search-and-find adventure!

 – DoomyPanda

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