Saturday, April 18, 2015

Upcoming Llamas?!

Hey Jammers! Over the update I forgot to mention that they finally changed those annoying winter loading screens to some more colorful and Spring-y ones. Sadly, it seems that only one of them stays up long enough for me to take a screenshot:

But you've probably seen 'em all already, so let's move on to the new item! :D

This is called "Three Horned Armor" and sold where else, but Jam Mart Clothing. Pick it up today, members! 

In more interesting news, knowledge and screenshots of a supposed new animal have been spreading fast around the AJ Blogosphere. That supposed new animal is a very glitchy and possibly hacked-in llama that appeared in the user 1231's player card:

It's probably a hack considering the glitch-iness that wasn't present in other animal leaks, such as the polar bears and snow leopards. Also, this user is now unsearchable probably because they were banned. 

But these lines do have AJ's style so I don't think they're fake. AJ also has a history of glitch animals being snuck in as "previews" which was (I think) usually unintentional but always correct in the end. So my conclusion: LLAMAS ARE COMING!!! :D

But while I hope in my heart of hearts that they'll turn out to be nonmember, it's likely that they won't be. Hoping is okay though, right? :)

After all, I do have ten whole diamonds and have no things I want to spend them on right now other than a llama. Wish there were more nonmember diamond shop things so maybe... just maybe... i'd hate the diamond shop a little bit less.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa! :D

– DoomyPanda


  1. It'd be SO AMAZING if Llamas came out! Though to support the idea of it being a hack, the screenshot of the Goat was an example of leaks not coming true (although this was possibly a fake image, I dunno).

  2. lots of jammers today said ''llamas are coming to jamaa!'' I hope they are for non members because members are allowed to get more animals and its just unfair! non members have very few animals! so, im wishing that this new animal will be for MEMBERS ..... AND NON MEMBERS! FRIEND ME IM TEENGOKU121!


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