Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AJ Street Fashion RETURNS!

Hey Jammers! Last night I finished up decorating my den and I just wanted to show it to all of you today:

So... what do you think? Is it too empty? I know I need more banana plants to balance it out but I have honestly no idea when the next Monkeys Only Party is going to come around.

It's only once in a lifetime where I actually like my virtual den arrangement, so I will treasure this screenshot...

Am I forgetting something? Oh yeah, the new item!

This Narwhal Horn is sold in Bahari Bargains, located where else but deep in Bahari Bay. In 2012 this would have been soooooo popular...

In other news, remember when I used to do AJ Street Fashion? I still do it, ya know, just more spaced out now because honestly I don't see a lot of arrangements on AJ animals that are worthy to me of screenshotting. It's not you, I'm just reeeaaalllyy picky.

For those who don't know, AJ Street Fashion is a thing I used to do a lot on this blog where I walk around Jamaa and take screenshots of animals wearing interesting outfits. This is today's edition...

Not an outfit theme I'm particularly fond of, but they were the only one who matched. xD

A nice color scheme though, I'll give them that too.

One of the many reasons I find the safari set strange is that safaris are usually for humans from other countries to stare at animals and nature in other countries, where the only people on AJ ARE playing as animals. So... wouldn't it be kinda stalking to go on a safari on AJ?

"*hides behind bush peeking through at a blue wolf with a fox hat* Here is Animal Jam user xXTacosEternalForeverLOLFutureXx in their amazing habitat... such majesty... such grace... and that, is the beauty of nature..."

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. XD "Here is Animal Jam user xXTacosEternalForeverLOLFutureXx in their amazing habitat... such majesty... such grace... and that, is the beauty of nature..."

  2. Your den is lookin mighty fine Doomy. :D I like the safari theme but the point you made about stalking is a good point XD

  3. animal jam truth other animal jam needs horse coins even u got rid of ALPHAS STAFFS really what kinda stuff is that! we need more this game is better we need more as in other game and my den fine but we still need more like bring back porch swings and beta days we all miss that animal jam come on! u know a lot better than I do so please as this animal jam please bring back beta days people are going crazy now because of this. :I AJ we need u to do this WAKE UP! look around people getting scammed and its not good AJ its not fine. why does violets have go in this game. I would say we should get a lot together whoever with me reply now this needs change. and if don't we don't give up we try! AJ in jamaa not peaceful with friendship its all about BOYS BOYS I WANT BOY ! well if u kinda girls look this wake up to this game for kids meet friends be happy place not for asking for men. if read this all see its meaning something It is about friendship looking out for friends and helps with reading very much I believe AJ can be better for good. now people world make sure ur okay and stay peaceful! jamaa please get better we all pray cuz we don't want mean or drama we need better things like friendship from heart AJ! WE ARE PEOPLE TOMMORW ! : from: nerd:D


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