Friday, May 1, 2015

Birth Flowers! Which is yours?

Hey Jammers! I've been waiting a bit for the new monthly flower to come out, and today is the day. But why does a new flower come out every month on AJ? Or more specifically, why do certain flowers come out every month on AJ?

According to Wikipedia, Animal Jam is going in the order of American birth flowers! 

In January we got our first flower, the carnation, then in February the primrose and etcetera until May's flower, the Lily of the valley:

In America this lily is supposed to symbolize happiness, humility, and sweetness. According to the list, Hawthorn is also a flower of May so we may be getting two different flowers this month! ^-^

The next flower will be the much beloved rose possibly as well as the honeysuckle, too!

My birth flower is the chrysanthemum. Look at the list and tell me what yours is in the comments! :D

See you in Jamaa~

– DoomyPanda


  1. My birth flower is a calendula :D

  2. Cool, I had no clue there were birth flowers! Water Lily is mine.

  3. Imma daffodil! My favorite flower is also a daffodil! YAY FOR DAFFODILS :D

  4. SCREH I'm a water lily :3 I bet those will look pretty. I really like the lily of the valley.

  5. I'm narcissus :( It says it means self esteem and vanity but that's not close to what I am like... I wish I had a different one but this one is kind of plain :(


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