Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hold on a minute...

Hey Jammers! There's been a ton of confusion surrounding safe chat availability, so I'm gonna go find out for myself.

*logs on*

Hmm... I'm nonmember so I can have free chat, but that's probably because I used to have a membership! Since this is my main account, I won't risk changing the chat so I'm gonna test with my side account.

*switches to side account*

Hey, I have safe chat here too! Lemme just quickly switch to bubble chat and back and–


WHAT!!! IS!!! THIS!!!

I thought this was just a rumor!!! I thought it wouldn't happen to me, DoomyPanda!!! DoomyPanda from AJ!!! DoomyPanda, author of Animal Jam Stream!!!

*takes deep breath* 


Why is this alright?

I'd understand this action IF safe chat was always members only, which it wasn't. I'd understand if this didn't involve needlessly taking nonmember features away. I have a big problem with that, especially when it involves communicative features like Jam a Gram typing and seeing chat logs.

You know, us not being able to do that stuff and having our stuff taken away a lot won't motivate us to buy a membership. To be honest, it'll just motivate us to think AJHQ's become corrupted so in the end it will be counterproductive.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As far as I know, AJ is growing and growing and growing in popularity (so more money?) so I don't see any reason as of yet why AJHQ would need to remove features? Idk, maybe I just don't have enough info and I sound like an idiot.. 

Thanks for informing me everyone. So to the people who didn't know this already: what do you think?

– DoomyPanda


  1. It actually isn't that confusing. If you had safe chat turned on before they made it 'members only', then you get to keep it, regardless of whether you are non-member or not. However, if your account did not have safe chat turned on until AFTER they made that rule, then you have to be a member. I got lucky too and so I'm a nm with free chat.

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