Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mechanical Future Update!

Hey Jammers! Yesterday I wrote up a very large or larger than usual Berry the Koala entry. For those who don't know, Berry the Koala is my extremely corny plushie "journal" blog that I update every month. 

As for this month's entry, while I still think it's corny I think it's the most eventful and best entry I've written so far. Click here to read it!

As for the rest of today's news, we all got an early biweekly update!  A loooooootttt of new stuff, in comparison with past updates. 

Here we have the Jamaa Journal:

Cheetahs are back from traveling/being endangered, so members, go get one in the diamond shop today! And to everyone: there's a new cheetah mini book in the Chamber of Knowledge, so go check that out too.

If you get confused about finding it, remember to click the book under the panda tapestry to access it along with all the other land animal mini books. ^_^

I feel like I'm the only one who actually reads these. They're cute! And I like the art in the habitat pages. :P

AJ is getting so complicated, I honestly don't know when an animal is available or not, same with pets. On that note, don't you think it's like, incredibly weird that we're animals on AJ that can have smaller counterparts as pets? Like this is the type of stuff I lose sleep over... Why...

Introducing the new buddy game, Bowling! Pretty self explanatory, you and another player take turns bowling with a coconut.

But it isn't as simple as that...

This game comes with no instructions, and while it is pretty simple, it took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do. Even still I'm not 100% sure, but I think that those boxes in your corner show you what sections of the pins you have to knock down.

I think the vague confusing-ness makes the game a bit more fun than predictable stuff like Rock Paper Scissors. I still like Rock Paper Scissors tho. I can probably beat you. :P

The winner of last update's den contest has been chosen: Mechanical Future! There's no worries though for others like me who voted something different because as the updates move along, each series will be released! I can't wait for the Excavation Site to be sold. :O

I also really like the blocky default magenta color scheme. I honestly think magenta is the only color in the English language that actually sounds pretty, plus the color itself is pretty nice too. The blockiness of it also kind of reminds me of beta testing-styled items, in a weird way. 

If you buy any item from this series, buy the mech dragon egg at the bottom right! All these items are super interactive, and clicking the egg causes a baby robot dragon to come out that you can play with. Awww... :D

Otters are going on a big adventure out of Jamaa to "see the sights" starting May 28th. Members, go get one before they disappear for a few months before the point when everyone forgets they left and is surprised when they return from unknown journeys!

I wonder what sights they'll be seeing...

Go to the much-neglected Conservation Museum to see the new exhibit, Speed in Nature!

And starting in June, the Summer Carnival is opening it's pixelated gates to games, tickets, and daily prizes for all. That kind of sounded like an advertisement. Forgive me my corniness, this is an Animal Jam blog. You signed up for it. :\

And closing with an ad for the Spring Bunny, this Jamaa Journal is over.

...But not without a new item, sold behind Mechanical Future in Jam Mart Furniture.

I rate this update a 6.5/10 which would be a 7 if Excavation Site had won. What do you think?

Before I go, there's a mildly interesting article on the D.E. which is starting off a new "series" called AJ Mythbusters.

I think this helps clear things up, like kinda makes understanding whats going on with this massive game easier and more accessible. I don't really follow up on any AJ rumors posted on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter but after hearing one that said AJ was closing in 2016 I was scared for a few minutes before googling it.

I'm happy that this kinda thins the barrier between the users and the creators, especially with things concerning the future of the game.

That's all for now, Jammers,

– DoomyPanda

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