Monday, May 11, 2015

Rare Item Monday + Phantoms

Hey Jammers! My computer is working better again, all I needed to do was restart, haha... ^_^;

So that means I can log onto AJ again!!! Yay!!!

So here we are, back again with AJ's regularly scheduled daily item:

It's tacky and my eyes hurt looking at the turquoise, but if you think about it... someone, somewhere is going to think it's their favorite item in the whole wide world. With over 30 million players thats likely, so... don't make fun of other players' virtual outfits. Honestly tho whats that tutu ever hurt besides my eyes? Not you I'm pretty sure. :P

 ~* Kindness is important, children *~

Next up, a new "episode" of the tale of Jamaa was posted on the Daily Explorer!

I like how the phantoms are a kind of metaphor for pollution. Thanks, AJHQ, for keeping the semi-educational stuff on Animal Jam! 

Before I go, have you noticed how I changed up the page tab so it's cuter and easier to read? I'm actually thinking about maybe putting a background behind each one and also changing the size because while it looks fine on Firefox and Safari, Chrome kind of messes it up a bit and I know the majority of you use Chrome so... I'm gonna need some time to make it perfect.

Also, I'm gonna need to change up the header to match the page icon colors. I care a lot about how cute my blog looks, thank u very much.

That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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