Monday, May 4, 2015

Sanctuary + Skyway Glitch + Story

Hey Jammers! I've just noticed that theres this weird "every other day" thing I do with posting, especially on weekends. I don't plan it, it's coincidental, but I'm looking to make a stop to it. :D

As a few of my AJ friends know (because I was too excited to shut up about it for a minute lol) I went to an animal sanctuary yesterday. I thought that including at least a few photos that I took would be kind of relevant, considering that I run an Animal Jam blog:

This place is really happy! It isn't a farm, if you're curious. It's a place that takes in animals who have had a painful or sad life and give them nice food, shelter, and freedom to wander around the sanctuary which is (you may not see from the pictures) in a forest clearing in a rural-ish area. It's hard to hear car sounds. :)

There are tons and tons of cats, most of which allow you to pet them. They never kill any ever, but they do shear sheep and llamas when it gets hot outside. The reason for this is that those animals in the wild used to lose their wool naturally with the warm season, but have since been bred so much that they need human assistance. Just a fun fact.

Okay, and now onto the AJ stuff, starting off with a plain old Rare Item Monday, a two part story from AJHQ, and moving onto what you've probably been looking for– a Coral Canyons skyway glitch that works in 2015!

Buy these weird colored sandals on the fourth page of Jam Mart Clothing. :D

Next up, the story!

Click the images above to see better.

AJHQ is apparently making the Jamaa story that appears in the beginning of the Insiders Guide into multiple "episodes" and posting them to the D.E. for the people who can't afford the physical book. I think thats nice of them?

Ya know there have been so many different "Jamaa origin stories" throughout AJ history that even if one is written in a book there's no official one because it could just change again. Would it be a good idea to make a post compiling all of them and update it every time a new one pops up? :D

In other news, thank you Anonymous for telling me about a working skyway glitch for Coral Canyons (2015)!

I've tested it out already and yes, it does seem to work! But sadly, it isn't like the 2012 skyways where you could really fly and move. If you click anywhere you'll automatically be put back on the path, so be careful!

Here are the instructions Anon gave me:

1. Stand above Swoopy Eagle, preferably like this (with the beehive slightly visible):

2. Click someones name tag and check if they're accepting game requests, and if they are, open their game tab and keep it open for later.

3. This is where things get tricky. Click the part of the beehive that's visible and QUICKLY click a game on that persons game tab, cancel equally quickly, and quick as you can switch animals.

It will take a couple tries but as Anon promised, you'll end up like this:

Sadly, you won't be able to click anywhere, but you can do actions. Sleep among the treetops even if you're a panda and probably would break them if this glitch didn't work lol

At some point I'll add this and a few other glitches to my official glitch page, but until then...

See you in the Glitches tag!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I was reading the enchanted earth article and they say 1.2 million hammers join a month... I don't believe that because there would be way more people in Jamaa and if that's case I wonder how many people quit a month...

  2. I liked the pig/warthog he was cute :)

  3. i liked all of them they where intresting but i did not read anything but i like how te words look in the blog


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