Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cocoa Temperature Trick!

Hey Jammers! I know this is literally my third post today but I just found out about this amazing feature on AJ that 1, no one talks about and 2, has been around forever!

It's all about changing the temperature of your drink in the Hot Cocoa Hut. Weird, huh? Now you can just call it the "Cocoa Hut" because a temperature isn't specified– or even just the "Hut" because you can already get milk in it. Dad jokes aside, this is a cool trick and here's how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Hot Cocoa Hut

Step 2: Choose any mug and mug color

Step 3: STOP and notice the lever by your animal's picture

Step 4: Adjust the temperature! Drag the lever up for more steam, drag it down for less steam.*

*Note: steam will appear after you choose your drink

Step 4: Enjoy staring at the cup floating by your animal's head– this time with varying steam amounts!

That's all for now Jammers, have fun with your virtual lukewarm milk!

– DoomyPanda

The River Land – Coming Soon?

Hey Jammers! Here's that "big post" I was talking about in my earlier one today. If you haven't read that one and are curious about the new birth flowers and clearance items, scroll down!

If you already read that one, you probably know already that there's going to be a biweekly update tomorrow on Wednesday, July 1st 2015. And while I'm fairly certain an entire new land is pretty sudden for tomorrow, upcoming new things like an update make me think about the possibilities. 

Before I did some research, for a split second I was convinced that a the river land would be coming tomorrow– that's not to say that it won't come soon, it's just that tomorrow is a bit early for things like that. 

So, some quick background information about what this post is all about: there is a very obvious land area that isn't filled in yet located at the top left hand corner of the world map.

Right now it looks like a large plain with a river running through surrounded by mountains, so many times before I called it "the river land." 

But take a look at this official AJ background made quite some time ago:

This image was taken from the AJ Wiki.

Because AJ pretty much never made wallpapers of places that will never exist, I'm certain that this background is an early interpretation of that empty place on the map. There's a waterfall in the back of the empty place where the river comes from, which also pictures a waterfall in the back if you look closely. Yeah, pretty clear this is what the future land will look like!

But it's not going to simply be a plain. This background is an obvious representation of the new land, but those trees seem way too tropical and numerous for just plains. This land will obviously be of tropical climate, much like a Rainforest.

(Rainforests are usually more crowded but I'd understand if AJ cut down on the realism a bit for some walking room)

But since the river is the main feature of this land, it will be less of a rainforest and more of something like an imitation Amazon river, or maybe just a generic tropical area with a big river and waterfall. Who knows? AJ can be pretty unpredictable. :V

So... Why does all this matter? I did make a post on this land before.

I'm under the impression that this land is to come out very soon, maximum around the end of 2015. That's pretty soon compared to the other lands released before.

Remember the time the Kimbara Outback came out? On that very same update koalas came back from "traveling,"

What's a koala's main habitat? The bush lands in the outback.

Now, which animal hasn't returned yet from "traveling"?

Otters. Otters live in rivers. Maybe not tropical rivers, but rivers nonetheless. 

I'm convinced that whenever otters do come back, the river land will come out. Maybe they'll adjust it so it's less tropical– again, AJ is unpredictable. But periods that animals go traveling are always shorter than a year, probably 8 months maximum. It varies between animals, but koalas were only traveling for 105 days (I counted) before Kimbara.

So these are my reasons why I think the river land is going to be released soon. I know I made a post about this land before when Kimbara was about to come out because I thought THAT would be the new land and I was pretty embarrassed about it afterwards, so if I'm wrong again this time I'll go craaaaaazy. Lol

I hope you found this informative. Enjoy tomorrows update!! :D

– DoomyPanda

Goodbye June :)

Hey Jammers! I have a big post prepared for you later today that talks about this new land which I'm hypothesizing (a guess supported with facts) will be announced very soon. Keep checking back today for that post!

We have two new items today in Jamaa: the Bird Hat in the Carnival as well as the Panda Firework in the Freedom Party den shop.

If you click on the fire work in the shop you can see it shoot up a firework, but it's too high to see the panda face. Pick these up today!

There's also a couple special items that go on clearance with the passage of June to July: the pearl birthstone and the rose birth flower! 

It's sad to see them go, but new ones are sure to take their place! The next birthstone will be a ruby and the next birth flower will be either a water lily, a delphinium, or larkspur! Look them up, they're all really pretty.

The roses going on clearance also probably signify that there will be an early Wednesday update tomorrow instead of our usual Thursday, so be prepared when you log on tomorrow for some Jamaa changes!

Random image time! This is my birth flower collection starting with January (the carnation) and ending with June (the rose) from left to right. :)

Before I wrap this post up, I've recently made a couple images in Jamaa into transparent graphics that you can download and use for your blog. They're both free to use for everyone~ :D

That's all for now, Jammers! Keep checking back for my big post! :D

– DoomyPanda

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Jammer Wall?

Hey Jammers, I'm back!!! I'm feeling a little sick, but I'm SO happy to be able to post for you again. Thanks for hanging on~ :)

So for today while I won't be summarizing the recent update that you're probably familiar with, I'll be showing you some things from it that maybe weren't so clear as to be on the Jammer Journal. For example, I'm pretty sure you haven't heard about the winner of the diamond den contest, Mira's Waterfall:

A nonmember statue of Mira submerged in a rocky pool is available in the Diamond Shop. Now I finally have a use for 2 of my 13 diamonds. :)

If that actually was in the Jamaa Journal I bet I look really dumb right now.

But anyway, moving on...

Did you know that AJHQ recently published an explanation on people usernames that read "New Jammer"? Well I didn't until I checked the Daily Explorer today, so click the image above to learn about how AJHQ reviews usernames of new accounts. Knowledge is power. :V

I can't go to the Freedom Party right now to get pictures of the new items (because that party isn't on for a few more hours) but I do have another picture. It's a probably purposeful leak of a new feature sure to rock AJ's boat moderately enough:

This leak is one that's been rapidly spreading around AJ blogs during the time I was without WiFi: a new and upcoming Jammer Wall!

At this point in time I'm thinking with all these "leak glitches" like the one that spurred this screenshot into existence are all semi-purposeful by AJHQ. I'm pretty sure by now that AJHQ is aware of all the AJ Bloggers who snap up every leak they can and get people excited, because really, if there were no leaks we wouldn't be excited for AJ's future. Yaaay leaks!!!

The Jammer Wall is, judging by the screens in that image, a sort of Facebook-like function that you can customize (Conversation name, background, etc.) and use to communicate with multiple people on like Social Media. The example conversation shown if you zoom in is a wolf asking an owl, an eagle, and a polar bear if they want to help out with their restaurant:

...Except of course 2/3 responses are from the original poster, ElectroSquid. Which if you're concerned is not a user you can search. I tried. :0

It looks like you can change the color of your response and add emoticons, but I'm not sure what the stripe and text buttons are. Actually, I think the text button is bubble chat. Also, the lock at the top shows that you can make your wall buddies only, so I'm assuming the wall is a sort of alternative to the shout-out-in-Jamaa-in-all-caps method that many use to advertise things.

Also, I believe I forgot to mention that it's member's only for "testing" when in reality it's probably going to be just like the forever in "testing" typed Jam a Grams and never be nonmember.


Jam a Gram typing is unlocked for nonmembers so this new form of communication is introduced for members only?

Not sure, just a guess. But moving on, I think this is definitely going to come out and is definitely going to be a blast for those who'll be able to use it! Although I hope that it won't be too in-your-face for the rest of us, like public notifications I just won't be able to handle. I hope that we'll get some control over the tide of new and strange things bound to be released by AJ in 2015.

So... what about you? What are you thinking about all this? Good or bad? Helpful or annoying? Cats or dogs, which do you prefer as friends? Answer if you like in the comments section!

DoomyPanda, signing off!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update for you guys!

Hey Jammers! I don't have an actual Animal Jam update, and while that's going to be tomorrow I won't be posting.

Not for any big reason– but a reason I can't honestly evade: I'm going somewhere with a friend to celebrate me ending school for the summer! :D

So... yeah. I won't be back until Sunday, but starting then I won't be doing much so expect a post, definitely!!!

I can't post the update tomorrow sadly, but I hope you can go on AJ and figure all the hidden new things out on your own. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. :(

So until Sunday, hold on!!!

~ DoomyPanda

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Unfair Party List

Hey Jammers! I'm sort of better so I might as well post today. I don't want to deprive you of my *~excellence~* for so long now, wouldn't I?

The new item of today is in the Summer Carnival, which I have still yet to check out fully:

A small lavender-blue hat with a moon and star charm, cute! :)

On another subject, I've noticed something really irritating recently: Only a few certain parties get featured over and over again each day!

I feel like the way the parties appear is based on popularity, but any new party is going to be popular because people want to check it out! I haven't seen a Bunnies Only party or an Atlantis Party in literal months! 

There's a full list of AJ parties linked right here on the AJ wiki and only four or five out of them are featured daily– some even disappeared without a trace! *cough*Heatwave Party*cough*

I think it would be a lot more fair if all current (non-seasonal and appropriately seasonal) parties went through a predictable cycle every day except on certain occasions, like the Leap Year. I think if that happened people would spend more time at parties in general because all of their favorite parties would happen in one day and they may not get as much of a chance to go to them if they only happen once!

Is that a good idea? What are your thoughts? :0

That's all for now Jammers, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weird Pattern + Redeem Page

Hey Jammers! I'm back, but not really. I may need to take lots of scattered breaks in the next week because to be honest, I just haven't been feeling that well lately. It's not blogging that makes me feel that way, but using a computer at all makes me a little dizzy and... I just wanna lie in bed until it stops. :\

I'll try to keep posting daily, but I won't be online as much until I feel better. I'm hoping this will only last for a week (maximum!) and hopefully clear up by tomorrow. :(

But anyway... There's a Stegosaurus Tail in the Summer Carnival!

Part of a nutritious breakfast.

There's also a new post on the Daily Explorer about a new way of redeeming codes which I think you may find interesting:

These types of codes the post is talking about aren't gem codes– those are here as normal. This post is talking about something I forgot existed: membership codes.

Either this is new or it's been around forever and I've been too clueless to notice it. Probably that. 

The only thing I'm confused about is the Pin. It says "code or pin" and I don't know what a Pin is in relation to AJ codes. (I know PIN numbers, but I don't really think AJ would have you enter that.) Could someone tell me?

At first I thought they made this post because the new animal figures are going to come out, but I realized they're just reposting things from their HELP section in a more understandable way. Still pretty helpful! :D

In slightly more interesting news, I found a bunny in Jamaa Township with a strange pattern:

If you look closely you'll see that the darker yellow pattern sort of RISES on the bunny. Not sure if this was normal, but I actually DID notice it outside of the player card. Weird...

Also, this is not the spring flower pattern. This bunny is nonmember.

That's all for now Jammers, please hope I get better! >.<

– DoomyPanda

Monday, June 15, 2015

No Post Today :(

Really busy with end of the year school stuff right now. I may not be posting for a few days this week. :(

But don't worry (too much), because next week on the 24th I get out of school! Yaaaaaay! :)

Seeya later~

– DoomyPanda

Friday, June 12, 2015

Walkthrough: Battle for the Beacon

Hey Jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was honestly just being lazy point blank. I guess there wasn't much news anyway aside from the new item, so I hope that's enough for you to forgive me for. /).(\

Sadly, I may have to also not post this weekend because in a few hours I'll be going away to somewhere that may not have stable WiFi... But I guess the good thing is that my school is over for Summer in a couple of weeks, right? :T

But anyway, let's get on to the new item of today: the sand oasis!

You know the Sand Oasis was actually the sand item that I was looking forward to the most, but here it is, all member... and even more annoying is that ALL the sand items are member, too! 

Like AJHQ... I know AJ is like the fairest browser game for nonmembers and I know you need money from memberships but this is just TOO MUCH!!!11!! Srsly the sand oasis is so cute and my heart is just broken. </3

...Not really, but yeah. :0

I've been playing the new adventure 'Battle for the Beacon' a little and let me tell you, it's much more different than the other adventures.

It's a group adventure but it's not a maze, you're supposed to collect things but there's no set amount you have to collect to complete the adventure, your progress is SAVED even when you log out–

I think you understand right now. SO anyways, I'll give you a simple explanation of what exactly this adventure is about, paired with some screenshots. Okay 1! 2! 3! Here we go!

(Click the pictures to see them better) You start off in the center of a small village/community with Greely the wolf shaman (I still call them shamans because I'm stuck in early 2012), Jewel the bunny who sells phantom items, and a single Zios save point. 

This is where Greely tells you the main point of this adventure: eliminate the phantoms and the phantom tubes.


This is also a place where you can use the earth crystals that phantom tubes drop to buy phantom related items, like these:

These items are in place of the random prize that comes at the end of other adventures. The cheaper items are on the back page. According to Jewel, more items are to come later on, so keep checking back!

Because you only get one earth crystal every phantom tube destroyed, it can take a while to get stuff like say, a phantom trophy. But I got 25 earth crystals within 10 to 15 minutes of playing! Your earth crystal collection is also saved even if you log out, so don't stress!

These phantoms are a ton more difficult than in the other adventures for a multitude of reasons. One, they don't have a bubble of limited vision. If you're on screen with a phantom, they will come towards you. Two, there are WAY TOO MANY. They come out of the phantom tubes quickly and in copious amount cluster around you.

Even worse, there's no grass in the Eastern or Western fields that you can hide in. Your best chance of getting away from the phantoms is just to go into the village center.

Phantoms also don't forget you if someone else walks in. I think that when someone else is fighting phantoms you can't see it, like everyone has their own phantoms.

But there ARE ways to fight them. You should be in a group at all times, and should wear some sort of glove on your animal's leg/s, for example:

1. Rare or non-rare nonmember glove
2. Nonmember gold gauntlets (Diamond Shop)
3. Lava/Legendary/Dragon/etc. glove

You should take down the phantom tubes by punching them with a glove as well as using boom seeds for both that AND dealing with phantoms. There are also chomper plants that you could guide phantoms too, but they become sick and unusable once they catch a phantom.

That's where the water wells come in. You should always carry a watering can because you can replenish both chomper plants AND boom seed trees by watering them!

Greely acts as a sort of "commander" and between each new wave of phantoms there's a designated time to go around watering the chomper plants, but it's good to water plants during, too.

There are also other areas that you can unlock by purifying the rivers. Corks will be dropped from some phantom tubes. 

• • •

Before I wrap up this post, here are some general tips rephrased and all in one place for your convenience:

1. Wear a glove or gauntlet
2. Go into a room with a lot of people so you have extra back up
3. Carry around watering cans
4. Punch the tubes as well as use boom seeds

All in all, I really like this adventure! I like how AJHQ has made some adventures difficult like this one as well as easier adventures for different people. I also like how this adventure is ongoing, so it saves where you are and as far as right now doesn't have a definite end.

That's all for now, Jammers, hope that I'll have WiFi tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NM Adventure, Piglets, + MORE!

Hey Jammers! I'm gonna be using this text format today just to see how it looks. Even though I've grown accustomed to it, having everything centered looks kind of weird after a while ya feel. :V

It's an early update today as I predicted! This update all the changes have been made so that at least in Jamaa, everyone is fully in Summer. The flowers have left the trees leaving the leaves darker than before (which I actually kind of like) and the main focus of this update: the Jamaa Journal! 

Pet piglets are now available I'm still unsure how many more years it will be until nonmembers can have pets other than kangaroos and hamsters so... yeah. But if you're member, pick up a tiny virtual pig friend in the Diamond Shop today! :P

A new nonmember adventure that takes place in a village! I'm really excited to try this one out~ :D

And yes, I'll probably make a post/walkthrough of it later. ^_^

We were right! This party is reachable in the party hat tab and if you have an owl or eagle, you can go have fun in the clouds. Sadly I don't have a membership or any member friends who can send me screenshots of the Cloud Party, but my friend told me that at this point in time all of the items in the shops are members only. 

As for the party's setting, it's basically pictured in the image above. ^

All the item sets from the last den set contest are being released in the order depending on who voted most for what. The mechanical future set was winning, the sand castle was second, and soon the Archaeologist Dig (I think thats what it's called) will be released. The sand set is sold in Jam Mart Furniture:

An official llama announcement! It comes with a creepy CGI animation, if you wanna watch that it's directly imbedded in the Jamaa Journal. :)

Also, they haven't removed the llama painting from Canyons Pathway yet, so enjoy that while it lasts. ^^

That's the official update right now– but wait! There's more!

The 15 den item contest finalists have been announced– and sadly, none of those entries are mine. buT IN FACT ONE OF THOSE ENTRIES ALREADY EXISTS!!!

AJHQ... Are you not aware of this... Or has my hypothesis been proven that contest final entries are chosen randomly...? It was just kind of disappointing to watch all of the finalists cycle through and not see mine but see an item that was already in stores:

In unrelated news, I passed something today in Sarepia that I didn't... see before...?

In the corner where role-players normally hide during "clan wars" there's a shop where you can buy topiaries. Weird I never noticed this?

There's also some rainbow armor in the diamond shop:

And in addition again, player cards have changed their appearance:

That's all for now Jammers, see you in Jamaa! – DoomyPanda
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