Thursday, June 4, 2015


I'm baaaack! I'm back with daily posts and updates from my couple days off. Thank you all for your patience~ :D

There's a ton of news today (or at least the news I missed) so I'll start with all of the new items I could find:

Roses sold in Treetop Gardens, elegant items sold in Epic Wonders, clown vanity and others sold in Summer Carnival furniture prizes, and the seaweed throne is sold in Sunken Treasures. ^_^

FUN FACT: The flowers that periodically come out every month are American birth flowers! So happy birthday month to everyone born in June. I hope you like your rose! :D

And now for what I assume is the main reason you're reading this post: announcement of the new Wild Explorers magazine!



The post includes a link to where to buy it: AJ Outfitters.

Three pages of this magazine are available in a preview by clicking here, but I can't take screenshots because for some reason my computer can't properly load that page in particular. Maybe there aren't any preview pages at all? If you're curious with a fast computer you should consider checking it out. It's a safe link, just like everything else on this page so don't worry. ^-^

This won't be (as far as I know) a magazine where you pay for a subscription, it's more of something you buy individually online. I don't spend a lot of money so I probably have enough for it.

Not sure if I can afford the Wild Explorers journal though...

Not sure if this is old news, but you can also buy a Wild Explorers nature journal for 15 US dollars! It has blank pages for sketches, graph blocks, lined pages for writing, and ages with pictures, lines, and graphs for observations. This looks really cute but at the same time it's expensive so make judgements for yourself. 

That's all for now, happy exploring!

– DoomyPanda

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