Monday, June 8, 2015

Birds Only + AJ Ideas

Hey Jammers! This week's Rare Item Monday is sold in Jam Mart Clothing and comes with an adorable graphic on the Daily Explorer:

The shirt is a lot brighter than in the graphic, but in my opinion the T shirt in the graphic is prettier.

Ya see? :0

But moving on, I have some semi-exciting news! This is, like most exciting news I put on this blog, sourced from someone else so I'll credit them right here: A user posted some images obtained through unknown means in a video, linked in a blog post on Animal Jam Flash. That user is named in the blog post as well as their video linked. 

Two of those images are a screenshot of a llama CGI animation in progress and a transparent phantom pipe presumably belonging to an underwater adventure to be released in the near future. 

But there's one screenshot that will undoubtedly stand out to you...

A blank party button. Blank, except for a very convincing image that completely and 100% hints at a "sky party"

A disclaimer though: not all leaks are verifiable. For example, the not-so-famous goat "leak" Well... It could be true actually. There just haven't been any goats yet.

Now wouldn't it be cute if the llamas could fly...

Recently I've been playing AJ a lot more. Not for glitch screenshot collecting, not for trading... just freestyle wandering from room to room seeing if anyone knows the real rules for bowling. 

During that time, I came up with a few ideas for AJ that you might like to hear:

1. Tea in the Hot Cocoa Hut?

2. Instead of/in addition to the recycle function, a true "sell" option that makes it so you can exchange items for gems/diamonds. That would make AJ shops a lot less confusing. :D

3. On the topic of shops, maybe a cute interactive "stand" item that you can put in your den and have people easily buy (with feature #2) stuff listed by the "store owner"

What small/big things do you want for AJ? Comment below~ :D

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda

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