Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Item Contest Entry :)

Hey Jammersssssss, what's uppppp? :D

Due dates and new items, thats what, so lets get to them fast!

The ring of fire is part of the Summer Carnival's gross "circus series" so if you wanna waste 1,000 hard-to-earn tickets, head on over there and go for it! Yaaay!

Does anyone remember the Den Item Contest? Well I hope you've either got your entries in already or have time to today because the due date for submissions is TODAY!

If anyone's wondering, here's my submission that I drew in the art studio:

Click to zoom in~

I'm really proud of the paintbrush especially, so pay EXTRA SUPER ATTENTION to that please :V

To rephrase what was said in the already-buried Daily Explorer post, to enter in this den item contest you'll have to...

1. Go to Peck's Art Studio in Coral Canyons.
2. Click the canvas in the center of the room to free-paint.
3. Using the tools provided, draw an item that you'd like to see in AJ's shops
4. Write DEN ITEM DIAMOND CHALLENGE somewhere clearly on the picture and preferably write what you want your item to be called.
5. Click the SEND TO AJHQ button at the bottom of the page. :)

Fun Fact: The item "Cleverclaw's Dresser" was the product of the first item contest in AJ. The person who made it's last animal name was, you guessed it, Cleverclaw. 

The Eagle Hat in Jam Mart Clothing is also an example of a winning contest entry but I believe they stopped adding the creator's name to contest items starting with the hat.

Which may be for the best at least for me, because if I win it could be called "Wackyfoot's Paint Set" because I drew it on my storage account.

The reason why was that I actually drew two entries on different accounts: a weird looking tapestry on my main account, and when I wasn't satisfied with it I drew the wood paint set on my storage user. 

But if my weird tapestry wins and if it's called "Spookypanda's Tapestry" I will be soooooo happy.

And just for the record, I didn't see any rules against entering on multiple accounts. And also I'm not at ALL in it for the diamonds. Honestly, I'm nonmember, what use do I have for them??

Anyway, five "finalists," you could call them, will be announced this Wednesday, which implies we're having an early update!

That's all for now, get drawing!

 – DoomyPanda :)

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  1. Oh poo I didn't draw anything :T I ought to do that...


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