Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Jammer Wall?

Hey Jammers, I'm back!!! I'm feeling a little sick, but I'm SO happy to be able to post for you again. Thanks for hanging on~ :)

So for today while I won't be summarizing the recent update that you're probably familiar with, I'll be showing you some things from it that maybe weren't so clear as to be on the Jammer Journal. For example, I'm pretty sure you haven't heard about the winner of the diamond den contest, Mira's Waterfall:

A nonmember statue of Mira submerged in a rocky pool is available in the Diamond Shop. Now I finally have a use for 2 of my 13 diamonds. :)

If that actually was in the Jamaa Journal I bet I look really dumb right now.

But anyway, moving on...

Did you know that AJHQ recently published an explanation on people usernames that read "New Jammer"? Well I didn't until I checked the Daily Explorer today, so click the image above to learn about how AJHQ reviews usernames of new accounts. Knowledge is power. :V

I can't go to the Freedom Party right now to get pictures of the new items (because that party isn't on for a few more hours) but I do have another picture. It's a probably purposeful leak of a new feature sure to rock AJ's boat moderately enough:

This leak is one that's been rapidly spreading around AJ blogs during the time I was without WiFi: a new and upcoming Jammer Wall!

At this point in time I'm thinking with all these "leak glitches" like the one that spurred this screenshot into existence are all semi-purposeful by AJHQ. I'm pretty sure by now that AJHQ is aware of all the AJ Bloggers who snap up every leak they can and get people excited, because really, if there were no leaks we wouldn't be excited for AJ's future. Yaaay leaks!!!

The Jammer Wall is, judging by the screens in that image, a sort of Facebook-like function that you can customize (Conversation name, background, etc.) and use to communicate with multiple people on like Social Media. The example conversation shown if you zoom in is a wolf asking an owl, an eagle, and a polar bear if they want to help out with their restaurant:

...Except of course 2/3 responses are from the original poster, ElectroSquid. Which if you're concerned is not a user you can search. I tried. :0

It looks like you can change the color of your response and add emoticons, but I'm not sure what the stripe and text buttons are. Actually, I think the text button is bubble chat. Also, the lock at the top shows that you can make your wall buddies only, so I'm assuming the wall is a sort of alternative to the shout-out-in-Jamaa-in-all-caps method that many use to advertise things.

Also, I believe I forgot to mention that it's member's only for "testing" when in reality it's probably going to be just like the forever in "testing" typed Jam a Grams and never be nonmember.


Jam a Gram typing is unlocked for nonmembers so this new form of communication is introduced for members only?

Not sure, just a guess. But moving on, I think this is definitely going to come out and is definitely going to be a blast for those who'll be able to use it! Although I hope that it won't be too in-your-face for the rest of us, like public notifications I just won't be able to handle. I hope that we'll get some control over the tide of new and strange things bound to be released by AJ in 2015.

So... what about you? What are you thinking about all this? Good or bad? Helpful or annoying? Cats or dogs, which do you prefer as friends? Answer if you like in the comments section!

DoomyPanda, signing off!


  1. AJHQ is releasing weird and glitchy updates so rapidly that I feel like I'm in another Beta Testing age... I'd be super excited if personalized Jam-A-Grams became available for non-members, because they are a pain in the butt to be without! Meanwhile, get non-members that chat bar thingy so people don't have to constantly be repeating stuff to us!!! (The social life of a non-member is pretty hard)

  2. To be honest I don't really think that AJHQ would release the typing Jam-A-Gram feature for nonmembers. They're not really keen on surprising nonmembers with previously-member features.. But we can always hope!

  3. It is so horrible to be excluded from features like personalized JAG messages. I can't even reply with a simple 'yes' or 'no'. I have to say 'of course'. Ugh.


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