Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The River Land – Coming Soon?

Hey Jammers! Here's that "big post" I was talking about in my earlier one today. If you haven't read that one and are curious about the new birth flowers and clearance items, scroll down!

If you already read that one, you probably know already that there's going to be a biweekly update tomorrow on Wednesday, July 1st 2015. And while I'm fairly certain an entire new land is pretty sudden for tomorrow, upcoming new things like an update make me think about the possibilities. 

Before I did some research, for a split second I was convinced that a the river land would be coming tomorrow– that's not to say that it won't come soon, it's just that tomorrow is a bit early for things like that. 

So, some quick background information about what this post is all about: there is a very obvious land area that isn't filled in yet located at the top left hand corner of the world map.

Right now it looks like a large plain with a river running through surrounded by mountains, so many times before I called it "the river land." 

But take a look at this official AJ background made quite some time ago:

This image was taken from the AJ Wiki.

Because AJ pretty much never made wallpapers of places that will never exist, I'm certain that this background is an early interpretation of that empty place on the map. There's a waterfall in the back of the empty place where the river comes from, which also pictures a waterfall in the back if you look closely. Yeah, pretty clear this is what the future land will look like!

But it's not going to simply be a plain. This background is an obvious representation of the new land, but those trees seem way too tropical and numerous for just plains. This land will obviously be of tropical climate, much like a Rainforest.

(Rainforests are usually more crowded but I'd understand if AJ cut down on the realism a bit for some walking room)

But since the river is the main feature of this land, it will be less of a rainforest and more of something like an imitation Amazon river, or maybe just a generic tropical area with a big river and waterfall. Who knows? AJ can be pretty unpredictable. :V

So... Why does all this matter? I did make a post on this land before.

I'm under the impression that this land is to come out very soon, maximum around the end of 2015. That's pretty soon compared to the other lands released before.

Remember the time the Kimbara Outback came out? On that very same update koalas came back from "traveling,"

What's a koala's main habitat? The bush lands in the outback.

Now, which animal hasn't returned yet from "traveling"?

Otters. Otters live in rivers. Maybe not tropical rivers, but rivers nonetheless. 

I'm convinced that whenever otters do come back, the river land will come out. Maybe they'll adjust it so it's less tropical– again, AJ is unpredictable. But periods that animals go traveling are always shorter than a year, probably 8 months maximum. It varies between animals, but koalas were only traveling for 105 days (I counted) before Kimbara.

So these are my reasons why I think the river land is going to be released soon. I know I made a post about this land before when Kimbara was about to come out because I thought THAT would be the new land and I was pretty embarrassed about it afterwards, so if I'm wrong again this time I'll go craaaaaazy. Lol

I hope you found this informative. Enjoy tomorrows update!! :D

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Oh man, I can't wait for a new land! Kimbara Outback was kinda void of cool things, as I'm not much of a desert-ish person anyway. (I will never forgive the Outback for stealing the medicine den)
    I wouldn't be surprised if this new land would be for Members-only, though. x_x


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