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Walkthrough: Battle for the Beacon

Hey Jammers! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was honestly just being lazy point blank. I guess there wasn't much news anyway aside from the new item, so I hope that's enough for you to forgive me for. /).(\

Sadly, I may have to also not post this weekend because in a few hours I'll be going away to somewhere that may not have stable WiFi... But I guess the good thing is that my school is over for Summer in a couple of weeks, right? :T

But anyway, let's get on to the new item of today: the sand oasis!

You know the Sand Oasis was actually the sand item that I was looking forward to the most, but here it is, all member... and even more annoying is that ALL the sand items are member, too! 

Like AJHQ... I know AJ is like the fairest browser game for nonmembers and I know you need money from memberships but this is just TOO MUCH!!!11!! Srsly the sand oasis is so cute and my heart is just broken. </3

...Not really, but yeah. :0

I've been playing the new adventure 'Battle for the Beacon' a little and let me tell you, it's much more different than the other adventures.

It's a group adventure but it's not a maze, you're supposed to collect things but there's no set amount you have to collect to complete the adventure, your progress is SAVED even when you log out–

I think you understand right now. SO anyways, I'll give you a simple explanation of what exactly this adventure is about, paired with some screenshots. Okay 1! 2! 3! Here we go!

(Click the pictures to see them better) You start off in the center of a small village/community with Greely the wolf shaman (I still call them shamans because I'm stuck in early 2012), Jewel the bunny who sells phantom items, and a single Zios save point. 

This is where Greely tells you the main point of this adventure: eliminate the phantoms and the phantom tubes.


This is also a place where you can use the earth crystals that phantom tubes drop to buy phantom related items, like these:

These items are in place of the random prize that comes at the end of other adventures. The cheaper items are on the back page. According to Jewel, more items are to come later on, so keep checking back!

Because you only get one earth crystal every phantom tube destroyed, it can take a while to get stuff like say, a phantom trophy. But I got 25 earth crystals within 10 to 15 minutes of playing! Your earth crystal collection is also saved even if you log out, so don't stress!

These phantoms are a ton more difficult than in the other adventures for a multitude of reasons. One, they don't have a bubble of limited vision. If you're on screen with a phantom, they will come towards you. Two, there are WAY TOO MANY. They come out of the phantom tubes quickly and in copious amount cluster around you.

Even worse, there's no grass in the Eastern or Western fields that you can hide in. Your best chance of getting away from the phantoms is just to go into the village center.

Phantoms also don't forget you if someone else walks in. I think that when someone else is fighting phantoms you can't see it, like everyone has their own phantoms.

But there ARE ways to fight them. You should be in a group at all times, and should wear some sort of glove on your animal's leg/s, for example:

1. Rare or non-rare nonmember glove
2. Nonmember gold gauntlets (Diamond Shop)
3. Lava/Legendary/Dragon/etc. glove

You should take down the phantom tubes by punching them with a glove as well as using boom seeds for both that AND dealing with phantoms. There are also chomper plants that you could guide phantoms too, but they become sick and unusable once they catch a phantom.

That's where the water wells come in. You should always carry a watering can because you can replenish both chomper plants AND boom seed trees by watering them!

Greely acts as a sort of "commander" and between each new wave of phantoms there's a designated time to go around watering the chomper plants, but it's good to water plants during, too.

There are also other areas that you can unlock by purifying the rivers. Corks will be dropped from some phantom tubes. 

• • •

Before I wrap up this post, here are some general tips rephrased and all in one place for your convenience:

1. Wear a glove or gauntlet
2. Go into a room with a lot of people so you have extra back up
3. Carry around watering cans
4. Punch the tubes as well as use boom seeds

All in all, I really like this adventure! I like how AJHQ has made some adventures difficult like this one as well as easier adventures for different people. I also like how this adventure is ongoing, so it saves where you are and as far as right now doesn't have a definite end.

That's all for now, Jammers, hope that I'll have WiFi tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. My numbers may not be correct, but in Battle for the Beacon, each of the first 5 tubes (in your current wave) are worth 1 earth crystal, and the last 5 are worth 3. So if you lag behind on the adventure, make sure you at least get the last few crystals! It is also reallllly hard to level up on the adventure, because most of the work goes towards killing the Phantoms. How much experience do you get for killing a Phantom? 1. I have played the adventure for quite a while and I've only gotten enough experience for half of a level (and I am level 5).


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