Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Bao Bao!

Hey Jammers! Even though this is a blog about digital animals, I do like to sometimes talk about the real animals in the world today. 

I will talk about the new item, but first I'd like to wish Bao Bao of the Smithsonian National Zoo a really happy 2nd birthday!

Some of you may have heard the amazing news that Bao Bao's mother Mei Xiang has given birth to twin babies on Sunday and Saturday, the third captive female panda in history to do that! Mei Xiang's keepers have reported that both of her new babies are doing well so far, but while signs are good let's keep our fingers crossed! <3

It's a wonderful cause to celebrate, but let's not leave Bao Bao's birthday out of the mix of good news! (>^-^)>

According to the Smithsonian's IG caption, Bao Bao's birthday fruitsicle cake was created out of all her favorite treats: honey, apple juice, apple sauce, bamboo, carrots, and beet juice! Yum...

It's a bit difficult becoming a big sister on your own birthday, so let's wish this growing family of wonderful bears good luck, health, and happiness– to them, and to all panda kind! :)

• • • •

Okay, here we are back in Jamaa with the new item sold in Jam Mart Clothing:

It's sold around the last pages of the "catalog", so if you want it go get it there!

I recently started playing Play Wild and so far I love it. It could never replace computer AJ, but I love how detailed and pretty it is!

I recently stopped being a New Jammer, so if you want to add me just search up DoomyPanda and I'll accept!

Here are some things I've learned while playing:

• Animal prices double every day
• Dance with 3 other people by the Mira Statue in Jamaa Township
• Things easy (like getting a smoothie or earning gems) on the computer are incredibly hard on Play Wild
• The Wolves Only room in Coral Canyons is wonderful and detailed while the Monkeys Only room in Sarepia is just a boring level of wood. Maybe it's in construction?
• There are lots of different sound effects in Play Wild Jamaa. Go by the Mira Statue and hear birds chirp!

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Hey Doomy, i want to say you posts are awesome because instead of just saying the news or stuff you talk about other subjects either in AJ or outside of which makes for a great daily read!

    1. I agree! Doomy does a really good job on this blog.

      -Goshenite <3

    2. Thank you both so much!!! :D

  2. Aww, how cute! Happy birthday to Bao Bao. That lil panda's having a good week, huh? :P
    And I find it great that we get a different colored RIM for once. You go, AJHQ! c:

    - Goshenite <3


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