Thursday, August 6, 2015

National Honeybee Day

Hey Jammers! The update just happened I'm thinking... 15 minutes ago? 13 minutes in I thought it was a pretty fabulous update. Nonmember bees... Beta party... pretty nice. And of course, I'll post on that, but before that there are more important things to attend to.

Because you see, something awful has happen in Jamaa. And the next photos of this update you're about to see will shock you, mortify you, appall you. 

...Not really, but if your main animal is a panda? Think again:

Funny story, actually. Here's some context to go along with the pictures: Me and my friends just got bumblebees, and for no reason my friend Mighty (or Creature) asked us to do the sleep action, because it's the universally cutest action. I begged to differ and said that for the panda the "play" action is way more cute.

Ooooohhh, boy was I wrong.

At first I thought it was a glitch involving the new bee antenna item that I was wearing, so I took that off. Still the same monstrosity as before. All the other actions worked fine for me, the play action worked great for Mighty, Creature, Infinity, AND Handsome (two different people but four different animals, btw.) so I tried to calm down and realize it was a glitch... until my friend Mighty spoke what I'm afraid is the truth:

What if this was purposeful? Mighty pointed out that with the regular play action, the pandas butt shows up on screen, something I had literally never cared about or noticed in all my time as a panda. But still, I think this isn't a glitch. It's a new unspoken thing by AJHQ.

But let's be real... this new play action makes things a thousand times worse regarding the whole ~*inappropriateness*~ thing. I'm not going into details at all, but you get the point. 

Plus, any other animals' play action (or any action at all) can be interpreted just as inappropriately as the panda's original play action. In my honest opinion I think AJHQ chose pandas to change because they're so unpopular and they thought no one would notice or care. 

Please change this back, AJHQ. The new play action looks like a lot of time was put into it but it's really unnecessary, even more "inappropriate," and just all in all doesn't look good. We would much like the old play action back. Please consider.

My friends said I should complain to AJHQ, so there's my complaint. Thank you.

*ahem* Anyways, the Jamaa Journal!

Happy National Honeybee Day! Show your bee friends some much-needed respect by appreciating that without them, all life on Earth would cease to exist. It's true– without pollinators, plants can't make seeds or fruit, therefore they can't make more plants, therefore making plants scarce and being driven to extinction, then from there that extinction quickly works up the food chain until Earth is but a vast expanse of cold unfeeling desert! Yaaay!

So start appreciating your neighborhood honeybees today by leaving hives bee (horrible pun, I know) and planting some bee-friendly flowers such as sunflowers, oregano, aster x frikartii, fennel, bee balm, lantana, and even the common clover flower is a favorite treat for bees! 

Also; lavender smells SOOO GOOD and so planting it or even just putting a pot of it growing outside will keep bees from going hungry, as well as smell nice. Also, if the lavender dies if you want you can gather the dried buds and wrap them in cloth and carry it around in your backpack or something so it can smell sweet all the time. Lavender has some relaxing qualities, too.

Bees need a ton of nectar, too, so if you see one on the sidewalk unable to fly you should find some near flowers (like not ones people would mind missing, like clover flowers or small individual blossoms from a bush). 

If you're close to home, something like a leaf soaked in honey, agave nectar, or sugar water would be a nice gift to bring to the bee. Bees get hungry like us, and if they're hurt or can't move some sweet food would make them feel a lot better!

Also, if they're on the sidewalk, try to gently move them out of the way of humans by scooping them up with a leaf or waiting for them to crawl onto a stick. Please don't kick or scrape, that will just hurt them more!

So are you going to do anything for National Bee Day IRL or on AJ? Throw a bee party in your den? Scream bee facts into the endless void of Jamaa Township? I wanna hear your ideas in the comments! ^_^

For AJ, celebrating can also mean getting an adorable bee pet:

...And luckily, anyone can!

Mine is named Goodbook, because why not.

You can get one today by clicking on any of the bee facts scattered around Jamaa and looking in the bottom corners for the bee icon. :)

I wonder if these two Brady Barr videos came out yesterday as a hint to the bee celebration in Jamaa:

In non bee-related news, theres a poll for which den item theme is to come to Jam Mart Furniture next! There's "glitchy gear," "movie theater," and my choice, the "steampunk parlor"!

What will you vote for? I'm pretty sure the movie theater will win, but I can still hope we'll get some steampunk items first...

The Beta Party is back for the summer! Starting last summer, it now comes out every year bringing back the earthiness of the lovely beta den. 

Keep in mind that while the items sold have "beta" in their names, none were ever in beta and were released last summer originally and will continue to be rereleased each summer. They're about as "rare" as heart chocolates. 

My most far-out wished for this summer's beta party are A., more nonmember items and B., for the beta den to come out in the den shop as nonmember. 

Go there with your buddies~ :D

Snow leopards are (almost) back!

There's also some nice bee items in the two Township shops:

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa! :D

(Btw, I completely finished my stone floor! My den is unlocked if you wanna go see :))

– DoomyPanda

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  1. the stone floor thing is cool! (I would do it myself but my inventory is full)


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