Saturday, August 8, 2015

Old Items Glitch + Instagram

Hey Jammers, happy Saturday to you all! The new item of today is sold in Epic Wonders and we also have a new Alpha related post from the Daily Explorer:

Opal is August's lovely iridescent birthstone, so all of you whose birthdays are this month should get an opal necklace, if you can. ^_^

Up next, a glitch that isn't really a glitch, but is still very cool and helpful– courtesy of my good friend, Jhana. Have you noticed that a lot of nonmember AJ essentials such as seasonal trees are being taken from shops for no apparent reason? 

If you have, here's a way to get some:

"Holy cow Doomy I found out how to buy Seasonal trees on AJ again! I made a guide on G+ but I'll just sum it up here.
1: Make a new account (sorry you can't skip this part)
2: Don't go to your den. Instead, play as many games as you want to get as many gems as you want. Make sure you've got enough to buy plenty of things.
3: Go to your den and open up the mock shop as Peck tells you.
4: AH IT SELLS SEASONAL TREES. Buy a ton of those puppies.
5: Trade the trees to your main account or leave them in your new inventory.
Sorry if something doesn't work along the way, I only tried this once. You can share this if you want.

Even though I go crazy about having so many accounts, I tried this just now– and it WORKED!

Along the way, I learned there were a ton more glitches with starting off in Jamaa:

I know these screenshots don't give much evidence, but that's because I didn't expect there to be so many more glitches. 

Okay, so my animal that I chose was a turquoise monkey with the second pattern and beady eyes. The top image was the character I controlled in Falling Phantoms, a penguin that I had started the game next to! The penguin had the same features as my monkey, but was a penguin.

In the lower screenshot, I opened up my inventory and the eyes switched to lashes and the pattern switched to polka dots.

AJHQ, Liza is telling you something... bring the Liza introduction back and she'll lift this curse she put on new players! Muahaha!

So if any of you guys wanna try getting some sweet seasonal trees, beware Liza's curse~

• • •

Recently I started up my first Instagram account for Animal Jam, nature, and AJ blog related stuff!  

I made it public so anyone of you can go follow! I'll be posting pictures of nonhuman friends I meet (like Spirit the cat, pictured above), nature, and Animal Jam stuff!

I won't be on 24/7, but I'll answer questions and try to talk with you all a little~ (>^-^)> (That's like my favorite emoticon lol)

Speaking of questions, I was thinking of adding an FAQ/About to my "Ask Doomy" page. What do you think? :D

See you in Jamaa and happy Jamming–

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