Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Raffle Winners!

Hey Jammers! Summer has gone by all too fast and Back to School is soon approaching. For many Jammers, it already has! ~A group hug to all who are in school right now~

To make leaving vacation behind a little more bearable, I had a rare raffle giveaway to end summer on a good note! :D

Today was the day the raffle was to be over and the 3 winners announced, so here they are! 

One Rare Fox Hat and one Rare Friendship Mask go to our ultra-lucky first place winner... *drumroll*


Congratulations on winning first place! I'll meet up with you so I can trade you your prizes!

Now winning one pair of Rare Scary Bat Wings along with one pair of Rare Friendship Bands, let's give a big congratulations to our second place winner, known as... *drumroll*


Congratulations on winning second place! Your prizes are being sent your way~

Wrapping up Animal Jam Stream's first ever raffle, we have our lucky third place winner receiving the prize of two Rare Pink Purses. Let's give a big shoutout to the last member of the winning three... *drumroll*


Congratulations on winning third place! I'll buddy you so we can meet up when you're online and I will trade you your prizes!

• • • •

A big and genuine thanks to everyone who entered. Even if you didn't win, I had such a good experience with this raffle so there are definitely going to be more coming up in the future!

I'm thinking that every time seasons change I'll have an even bigger seasonal raffle. I just love giving stuff away! :D

That's all for now, Jammers! I'll see you in Jamaa~


  1. Hey Doomy! Yay! Thanks for holding this summer raffle!!! :D Congrats veterinarian and vampire3434! -lostfairy ;)

  2. Congrats everyone! ^-^

    -Goshenite <3

  3. Thank you Panda! :)

    Congratulations to the other winners! ;)



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