Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Vanishing Glitch + Beta Panda Banner?

Hey Jammers! I just can't seem to figure out what the new item is. I checked every single shop in Jamaa, including the Summer Carnival and even the Museum Shop. Nothing! D:

Well, in the Diamond Shop there is the koala claw– but I swear I've seen it before recently. Maybe not?

And here I was, in the Beta Party looking with disappointment at the shop catalog because I was so certain that if all the other shops were empty, then this flawless/beautiful/perfect/darling/baby banner would finally come out today:

I'm talking about the green panda banner, FYI! The purple wolf banner is already out. It's equally as flawless/beautiful/perfect/darling/baby, but my main animal is a panda and my favorite color is green so it's just more flawless/beautiful/perfect/darling/baby to me. 

It also seems like I'm not the only one distressed by the continued presence of no panda banners. I went downstairs at the Beta Party and said something like "I was sure the panda banner would come out today!" and someone said it was creepy because someone else said the same exact thing. Huh.

For people who are curious, I also found that the flawless/beautiful/perfect/darling/baby panda banner was also displayed above the drum set during last year's Beta Party:

The video's upload date was last July. It's kind of weird– I love pandas and yet I never noticed that banner last year! O_o

But luckily for lovers of the flawless/beautiful/perfect/darling/baby panda banner (like me, if you didn't realize yet!), this years Beta Party only came out 5 days ago with all items just from last time. No new items yet, so there's a very large chance the almighty panda banner will join the ranks of its rereleased brethren!

Let's look forward to that day.

Before I go, I experienced a weird glitch at the Play Wild Party today. Everything was normal, people minding their own business– but then everyone vanished!

I couldn't talk or use emoticons. Soon after everyone disappeared, new people showed up and started having fun like nothing had happened. None could see me though!

I left to Jamaa Township and the glitch had cleared. It reminds me of a glitch I experienced a long time ago and posted about in the  Glitches page on this blog under the name "The very very very Annoying Glitch." The only difference was that during that glitch I was at my den and I had to log off and on to clear it.

It's strange that after a bunch of years of it not happening it would just pop up again like that. Huh... What are your thoughts?

That's all for now, see you in Jamaa!


  1. O•O
    /) (\

    Oh my...YES! Finally! Another Green lover! :0 My favorite color is also green! -dies-



    (I also love light purple ;)

    1. Haha, same here! XD

      My favorite colors are (in order):

      2. Purple
      3. Blue
      4. Magenta

  2. That happened to me too, but it happened in Jamma Township for me and new people started showing up like nothing happened

  3. Oh and why are the comments on moderation? I thought you could comment without it now

    1. Oops, sorry! I can't believe I forgot! Turning moderation off now as we speak–


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