Monday, September 7, 2015

Crazy "Birdie" Glitch + Mira Cake Guide

Hey Jammers, I'm back from my grandparents! I'm so happy to be home, but before school starts tomorrow there are a ton of things I'll need to do to prepare and stuff. This post may be short, but I still have a some things here that might interest you!

First of all, we have the Rare Item Monday– sold in Bahari Bargains!

This Tavie Charm Necklace would go along with the other charm necklaces in the AJ BDay Party, if it wasn't an underwater item! 

I actually really like this Rare Item Monday, it feels a little more relevant. Pick this up in Bahari Bargains on the very first page! :D

And as you can see from the red tag, I'm still broke on Animal Jam. XD

Moving on, an anonymous commenter told me about a weird but seemingly harmless chat glitch. Just say the phrase "my birdie is trying to eat mira" in all lower caps and it shows up as...

Another strange thing is that if someone else says it the first time, the glitch will only show up to them. The second time however, it shows up to everyone!

What's kind of creepy is why this nonsensical phrase in particular triggers the text to leave the box. Actually, there are more phrases, but they're all along the lines of a carnivorous bird wreaking havoc in the world:

1. "my birdie is trying to eat u run before it gets you"
2. "my birdie is trying to bite my knee"
3. "my birdie is trying to eat u ppl"

It's weird that all the glitch phrases have the words "bite" or "eat" and I have not the slightest clue why. Do any of you people know?

In other news, the new birthday cake has been a little difficult for some people to figure out so I thought I'd make a very tiny guide for it right here on AJ Stream! :)

Step one:

Click the bottom cake layer, and then the green emerald to the far right side to make the first two phantoms come out.

To make the next two phantoms appear, click the candle light and then the lowest phantom to make all four phantoms appear, as pictured above.

Next step: click the sliced layer right below the top one...

...And Mira destroys the phantoms and shines down in her own chocolatey glory!

Now I'm sure my birdie is definitely going to try to eat Mira...

See you in Jamaa and wish me luck in school tomorrow!

– DoomyPanda


  1. yeah it took me a while to figure out how to do the cake.

  2. Hey, that glitch is actually really cool, and thanks for bringing it up I guess because I noticed this the other day! Someone had said ".. drinks a random potion and grows huge .." and the glitch occurred. Here's the super long link to the image...

  3. Also if u say go to my den if you have candy items, it glitches too.

  4. If you say this and EXACTLY LIKE THIS: IM GONNA SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER :O it glitches, only it goes up instead of down XD weird.....


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