Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hidden Games & Update Mistakes

Hey Jammers! The reason why I didn't post yesterday was because I felt so sick when I got home from school that I just slept all afternoon. Luckily, all that sleeping (as well as the fact that it's Saturday) made me feel better enough to say that daily posting is back! Yaaaay! *achoo*

Today's new item is the Ten Gallon Hat, having no place at all in Jam Mart Clothing:

How would that arrow get launched through the hat if the end is just a sticky plunger thing? So many mysteries...

Speaking of items, many of you have probably noticed that the many Night of the Phantoms items as well as the october Marigolds have been taken from shops! It seems that AJHQ releasing them early wasn't just being excited for the next Jamaa holiday, it was a glitch! I wonder if the Ten Gallon Hat was also released as a glitch. That thing just has no place in Jamaa. XD

(No offense to any cowgirls or cowboys out there)

Something else you may have noticed since the last update is that Best Dressed AKA the best game ever is double gems!

While you're at it, you may also want to try to play the hidden game of Swoopy Eagle in Sarepia Forest:

You see that game up in the top right corner? Sneaky... 

What's your high score? Comment! :D

By the way, you've probably noticed from my plain name tag that I just lost my membership yesterday. I've actually been pretty happy without it! Here, look at the nonmember den I've been working on:

I'm going to file this post under nonmember clothing and den ideas because some of you might want some inspiration. Not saying my den is something that will definitely inspire you, but just in case. ^_^

Over on the Daily Explorer we have a very helpful Jammer Tip about password change emails:

Click it to enlarge. Ya know, to read it better!

Here's a free graphic I whipped up of the big Jam a Gram:

Use it for your blog! ;D

That's all for now, Jammers. I hope you're starting school off well and that you have a great day/night!

DoomyPanda, signing off...


  1. You didn't offend me! (Yup! Cowgirl!) If anything, the HAT offends Cowboys and Cowgirls! I think of all the items in Jamaa, that is the most...useless. It is just plain weird with that plunger arrow stuck out of it. If it was just the hat, I would love it!

    <)(;-) <--- Cowgirl (not to be mistaken for a clown or partygoer)

    The one and only~

  2. Aww... You changed the comment text and your post text style! :( I loved the old one... But nothing in life really stops changing! ;) I am so glad that you are feeling better! My foot and hip still are super painful... :/ Anyway, just wanted to say hi, Doomy! :D P.S. Why was I supposed to send you a Jam a Gram saying "I like ducks!" for? XD I forget, sorry! -lostfairy

    1. No, I didn't actually! Sometimes I go to my page and the font is changed to a weird cursive but I just refresh and it's normal again. Does it look like cursive on your screen or something different? If it's something different then maybe it's just your computer. Hmm...

      It's fine you forgot about the Jam a Gram lol! It was to tell me when your art got into the gallery so I could go check it out!

      And thank you!! I'm really glad that I'm feeling better too, lol. But I'm really sorry you're still in pain! I hope you get better soon. :(

    2. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh...... Now its cursive, WHEW!!! xD Ya, that is very weird...

      LOL, ok! Nope, no art yet. :( Aw well. I will keep trying! :D

      And it is ok! My hip is getting better but my foot... :/ Man, it hurts whenever there is pressure on it... But it is getting better too, so YAY!! :D -lostfairy

  3. About the strange items getting released and then pulled back, the RIM was released early today (Sept. 19)! It's a really nice dragon mask in Jam-Mart Clothing. Also, thanks to you posting about Mei Xiang, I've been watching the Panda Cam a lot! RIP me, pandas are too cute ^.^


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